Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"Mom, its a watering hole!"

Ok, so yesterday I was on the phone with my Mother In Law chatting when I walked into the kitchen to see my children, fully dressed I must say, completely and utterly, sopping wet. "What.are.you.doing" I asked. To which they replied with oh so great enthusiasm, "Mom, we made a watering hole!!"
2013-06-23 17.08.40

Oh my....(insert large sigh) so much for making a quick run to the grocery store, I had to wring out all those clothes and change them into dry stuff before we could continue with our list of afternoon to-do's. I wanted to say, "really?" in a very sarcastic tone, but honestly they were so cute, I could hardly stand to reprimand them...I mean truly, Lawson was out there in a winter vest for crying out loud, He loves to play "dress up" in next seasons, or last seasons for that matter, clothing, he thinks it's so fun.

So, instead of getting upset, I walked back into the house and grabbed my camera to document this oh so memorable a moment. What started out as Peyton requesting to water my flowers, turned into all out water fun on our deck. The boys were in hog heaven and enjoying their "water hole" in the sandbox, which, by the way, they've managed to go thru two, 50 lb bags of sand, and as you can see from the picture, they've done it again...guess I better make another stop at Home Depot, or I guess I could start shoveling the pile of sand that's fallen through the cracks on the deck. Nope, I think a stop at Home Depot would be easier!
2013-06-23 17.09.24
2013-06-23 17.09.46
2013-06-23 17.09.58

This is what they were supposed to be watering...and I must say, the plants did get watered, but so did every piece of wood on our deck, most every blade of grass in the yard, as well as every inch of these two boys! But I am oh so thankful that they have such fun together and that they really do love each other so much! That thrills a Mama's heart! Happy Tuesday!


  1. hahahaha. This is SO something my boys would do!

  2. I have to say, they're super cute! :) But I do know what you mean...sometimes I, too, just want to say "Really?!?"

    Beautiful flowers, too! They must be keeping them watered as they play--they look great for this hot weather!


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