Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Weekend Get Away

Thanks to some of my parents friends, we had the priviledge of having a spur of the moment get away to Lake Hamilton in Hot Springs. To say it was a quiet retreat, nestled on a beautiful cove of the lake with a picturesque view would be stating it perfectly!

Friday night we drove down after Adam got off work. We met my parents at the lake so that we could put their boat in the water and uncover the party barge and get it cleaned up so we could just hit the water on Saturday. While the guys did that, Mom and I took the kiddos out for a sunset cruise.

The boys couldn't wait to jump in the water...

Ava Jane enjoyed sitting pretty on the boat...

I love the beauty of the lake...its such a fun place to be!

When we arrived at the lake house it was getting dark so we couldn't really see the full view very well. But this is what I woke up to out of the french doors off our bedroom...

Our children could hardly wait to get back out to the lake, as soon as their feet hit the floor they were putting on the life jackets (over their pajamas) and enjoying the quiet deck out on the water...thanks G-Dad for watching them so we could lay in bed a few more minutes.

We had a leisurely morning since the night time sleep was interrupted by Emerson who, at about 3 am, started talking and "banging" in his pac-n-play, I finally went into the room where he was sleeping and my Mom was trying to comfort him, but I ended up laying him on my chest (with all his 30 lbs) and holding him real tight, trying to get him to calm down...he did eventually go back to sleep and so did I, but IT.WAS.NOT a restful night of sleep. So we took Saturday morning slow and easy, enjoying the views and conversations on the deck.

Once we got up and going we headed off to Lake Ouachita, and enjoyed a beautiful day out there!

Playing with my boys...

Our beautiful bathing beauty..

We celebrated Father's Day as well as Adam's birthday...

Here, Adam's pretending to blow out the candles that wouldn't stay lit on his cookie cake. Today, June 18th, is his actual birthday, I'm so thankful for him, so incredibly grateful for the man that he is, the way that he loves me, and leads our family so well; how he seems to do, with excellence, everything he sets his mind to. I appreciate his disciplined nature and am challenged by his walk with the Lord. Adam, I'm so thankful that I get to celebrate you today!! Happy Birthday!!

Relaxing on the lake is well worth the effort of getting there...

Mom and Rob were playing ball with Psalm, Pascha and Emerson...Whitney, I can't believe I didn't get one picture with you! So sorry! We'll just have to plan another trip soon!

The Daddy's still have it...

And so does this Mama...

We spent all day on the lake then went back to the lake house to get dressed to go out to dinner to celebrate Father's Day. So with all the kids we were heading toward Fisherman's Wharf for dinner at about 7:45 PM, when they told us it would be a 45 minute wait, we headed straight to On The Boarder and they got all 12 of us right in, with no wait! Anyone with half a brain or certainly anyone with children, would know that that was about the most ridiculous thing to try and do with 6 hungry and tired little people, but it honestly went pretty well, other then Emerson's begging for his taco, we were able to keep him at bay with cheese dip and crayons, all in all they did really good! It was a fun weekend, thanks Mom and Dad for inviting us along, we had a terrific time!

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