Thursday, December 29, 2011

4 Gatherings in 3 Days!

We had a wonderful time celebrating Christmas with family and friends in Little Rock! In three days we celebrated 4 times, it was a real treat to get to see everyone and catch up a bit!

Here we were celebrating with Donna's side of the family! It was fun getting to know Roger more, what a cute couple he and Michelle make!
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This was Emerson's first Christmas...And Terry and Jeff came with his famous guacamole dip, which I must say was divine!
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It was Jojo's first Christmas too!
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Joseph singing "Mary Did You Know" and "Feliz Navidad"

And Christmas morning, they waited on the steps til I could get my camera...
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They really liked all that Santa brought them...the nerf rifle was a huge hit for Peyton...he kept calling it a "gun shooter" it was pretty cute to see him with it! Looks like Poppy became the target, whoops!
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Lawson loves his "big Mater" and Emerson is enjoying all the new toys he got as well!

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Opening up their stockings...
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Then we went to Mom and Dad's house for a midday Christmas celebration...
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Mom had prepared a tastey lunch and we got to enjoy the traditional Holiday Poppers which always have a fun gold crown in them along with a small toy and a fortune for the future...Peyton had fun with his noise maker!
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What a great day we had celebrating the birth of Jesus our Savior! It's always such fun to be together and make memories as a family! We look forward to seeing everyone again, hopefully sooner rather then later!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Snow Tubing!

Our final day in Breckenridge we decided to take the kids and go tubing.
My cute little monkey...
And Peyton the moose...

I'd never done it before, and I must say, it was a LOT of fun!

It was freezing, literally, it was about 9 degrees and snowing, but we had fun.

You rent the tubes by the hour and after 45 minutes we were ready to go in and get warm!

But we enjoyed every twist and ride. When you get to the top of the conveyor belt (aka the lift) you pick whichever lane you want to go down, each one progressively gets steeper and faster, then when you're all ready the guys working it, will push you off and get you spinning if you want, and of course we wanted to be spun! Let me tell you, it gets going very fast, its like a snow roller coaster, up and down you go over the snow, we were squealling and hollering with delight! I know the boys had a blast!

Mom and Dad even got in on the fun!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Final Day of Skiing and the Snow!

Our final day of skiing was fabulous, we actually got a lot of snow, so the conditions were great! We had so much fun, it was much colder today, but very fun! Mom stayed home with the boys this morning so Dad, Adam and I went and did a lot of great runs, we had a blast!
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Our sweet little snow bunnies...
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Then in the afternoon Adam and Dad took Peyton out for a few hours.
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He did great! They took him up the Poma lift, which is a pole with a little seat that you place between your legs that pulls you up the bunny slope. He had so much fun and gained a ton of confidence!
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Adam even got in on the action!
Here Adam was skiing backwards and Peyton was skiing down to him.
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Here's a picture of some of the little skiers skiing with Peyton, aren't they so cute?!
Then that evening we went into the cozy town of Breckenridge and walked around in the beautiful snow and looked in some of the shops, it really was magical. The cutest quote from Peyton was, "Mom, look at all the sparkly snow!" The boys loved it!
The beautiful town square...
Petting the statue...
There were horse drawn carriage rides and sleigh rides you could take, we didn't do it, but it sure looked fun, and would've been extra magical with the snow falling like it was!
With all the fresh snow we decided to go back to the condo and make snow ice cream, the boys thought that it was so fun and tastey! IMG_5609
What great memories we've made!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Colorado Wedding- My Husband the Officiant!

A friend of my parents, Scott Stone, was getting married out here in Colorado and he and his fiance asked Adam several weeks ago to officiate their wedding while my Dad stood as his Best Man. Adam has done a lot of things: spent a year in Iraq, was a medical service officer in the Army, played(s) the guitar and led worship for our church, administrates a 100 bed hospital, but he's NEVER officiated a wedding, this was a first! And if I do say so myself, he did a marvelous job!

Scott and Carol looked so happy and thoroughly in love! We pray God's richest blessings on their marriage and wish them a very happy and hopeful future!

Here is our sweet family before the wedding...

The Groom and his Best Man along with Mr. Scott and Adam
Picnik collage

The beautiful bride on her way to the altar.

The ceremony began...

The kiss and presentation of Mr. and Mrs. Scott Stone...
Picnik collage

Toasting each other...
Picnik collage

Me and "the Reverend"...

Mom and Dad...

This was definitely a first all the way around: it was the first time to bring a suit and dressy clothes snow skiing, first time we've been to a Colorado wedding, the first time Dad was a Best Man and obviously a first for Adam officiating. We made a memory for sure, and we're glad to have been apart of it all! May God bless the Stone's!

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