Monday, May 22, 2017

Family Night-Travelers Game

With the boys having played baseball this Spring, and with the beautiful weather we've been having, we decided to enjoy a family night out and go see the Arkansas Travelers do their thing.  The boys had a good time, dancing to the music, seeing the players and of course eating the tasty ballpark food.  It was a lovely night for baseball and a great time with the kids!
Adam was able to get us great seats, on the front row, right behind the dugout. We didn't miss a thing that night, the kids saw all the action, and loved it!
A Night At the Travs

"Your" San Antonio Missions
We had fun, though it did cool off midway through the night so Adam graciously went and bought me a long sleeved Travs t-shirt so Ava Jane and I cuddled the last half of the game.
These cuties wanted a picture with another fun mascot.
Gotta love the guy in the background!  It was a fun evening out with my family.  Summer is just around the corner and I'm looking forward to more of these kind of evenings.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Baby Shower for Lizzie - God's Story

Over the past months our small group from church has been praying for a family in our group who was in the waiting process of adoption. We have had the privilege of praying specifically and watching God write the story for this precious family.  Getting to see how God has gone before them has been faith growing and just plain fun to watch.  There have been so many answers to prayer from the health of the baby to protection for the birth mom; for favor with the hospital staff to bringing that precious baby girl home.  Getting a front row seat to a God size story of redemption is awesome to watch and to have been a small part of.  To read Christy's blog on becoming a family of six you an click here and to read Carol's perspective on this big modern family (since their children are siblings) your can click here

We asked Christy what she would like Lizzie's baby shower to look like and she requested a Girls Night Out, so that's what we did.  It was fun to all be together, to eat yummy food, get to sit and visit and then hear her share some of the "God moments" where they really felt like God went before them in this adoption process was so fun to hear her recount.  Christy, we are thrilled for your family and for all that God has done in the past years as He has been writing this story.  What a mighty God we serve.  He knew (and knows) the desires of our hearts and to see Him provide in this way has truly been remarkable!  We stand in awe of what He's done and look forward to watching Lizzie become all that God intends for her to be.
I was in my happy place holding sweet baby Lizzie, she is such a little cuddle bug!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Piano Recital 2017

This year was Emerson's first year to take piano lessons.  He didn't always enjoy practicing, but over all, Adam and I were so very proud of him for how he memorized his recital piece (Men from Mars). He was quite nervous to go up and play in front of such a large crowd but he walked right up there, played his song, bowed then finished with a smile (and I'm sure a sigh of relief.) We couldn't have been more proud of how well he did!
This was Peyton's fifth year to take from Molly and he truly excelled this year.  He would regularly practice without me having to remind him continuously which was so nice.  He even got an award for how hard he practiced and for how well he had done each week; he was totally shocked when they called his name.
Lawson did a great job playing The Juggler.  He never enjoys practicing but he does love being able to play songs that he enjoys, like the Star Wars theme song, which I now know by heart.
We were proud of these boys, they did terrific!
All of these kiddos did great at the Fine Arts Recital at Little Rock Christian!
Aren't these Kindergarten, piano playing, cuties-- adorable?
Thanks Molly for doing such a great job of being patient yet firm with the boys.  I truly feel like they excelled this year, having learned quite a bit while also growing in their ability and confidence to "tickle the ivories"!  We look forward to another great year this fall.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Isn't She Lovely

This past year has been a first for Ava Jane, she was finally old enough to start dance lessons.  I took dance until I started cheering in High School and it was one of my all time favorite things to do.  So when Ava Jane began dancing with little girls whose mother's I had danced with, at Joel's House of Dance so many years ago, I truly feel like things have come full circle.

She hasn't loved going to class every single week, but for the most part she has enjoyed going to see Mrs. Allison and Mrs. Janna at Shuffles.  I was most impressed with their weekly dress code (a black leotard with pink tights) and how modesty does seem to be a priority.  The music chosen has been classic and the teachers and assistants are truly so kind and patient with the girls.  I have been thoroughly impressed with our year there and loved getting to watch the recital this past weekend.

Ava Jane was excited to get up on the stage and was thrilled to put lip stick and blush on!  Here's my sweet girl waiting backstage, where there were lots of cute girls in costumes and Mom's fluffing, curling, make-uping and texting loved ones to see where their seats were saved in the theatre.
The girls danced to "Isn't She Lovely" and it was so cute to watch!  There were many "shuffle big steps", "heel steps" and of course some sparkly hands!  I was so proud of Ava Jane, she got right up there and did her little number and loved every minute!  (Ava Jane is on the back row third from the left.)
This little girl enjoyed posing and taking pictures with the photographer (I'm waiting on my digital copies, so i-phone pics will have to do for now). Isn't she a doll?!!
Way to go sweet girl!  We are so proud of you!


Thursday, May 4, 2017

Grandparents Day

Last week was Grandparents Day at Little Rock Christian. The kids worked so hard all week as they practiced and prepped for the program.  I helped set up on Thursday morning and got to hear the songs they were going to be singing, I was a bit teary listening to all those children (Pre-K 4 through 4th grade) sing worship songs and do sign language as they praised our great God.  It truly was such a fun program as they sang songs about America's history, the states and capitols, as well as many other educational songs they've been learning throughout the year.

I think all the grandparents enjoyed the program and then getting to go to each child's class to meet their teacher and see what their classroom looked like.
Here's a little taste of what the kids did during the program. This is Emerson's Kindergarten class singing about the wise and foolish man.
Lawson's second grade class sang the books of the Old Testament.
The 4th graders have been studying American History and learned this rap to memorize all the states and capitols.
I enjoyed getting to see some of the art that the kids have been doing.



Its fun to see all that the kids have learned and to see what talent there is from the Art Teacher, Music Teacher, and really just the entire staff, all their hard work paid off.  It was a great morning of worship and showcasing all that they've learned this year, I can hardly believe we are about to close out this school year.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

My First Bike Race

Well, its been a while since I posted on my blog, not for lack of things to blog about, but rather because there's hardly been time to sit down.  I've got lots to catch up on, but I'm gonna start with a recent goal I stuck to and fulfilled.   It was hard but I did it!  The Heart Hospital has done the Cardiac Classic for many years now, last year was Adam's first time to ride in the race and we discussed the possibility of me joining him this year.  I initially wasn't too pumped about it but when a bike became available that fit me and was an affordable entry into the hobby, I jumped on board and made my first of many treks over to Chainwheel to purchase those all so lovely padded shorts, helmet along with other accessories.

Whitney and I began doing some "long" rides in the weeks leading up to the race and those were tough on the ole quads and hammies.  The goal was to average about an 18 mph ride; when I first started my average was fairly low (about 14-15 mph) but learning to change gears at the proper time (especially going up the hills on the bridges) was tough for me, I think I'm begining to figure it out.
Here's Adam and I on our 25 mile ride.  We tried to say "hey" to his dad, when we got down by his office but he was in a meeting with someone so we took our picture with the Farm Bureau sign instead.
The day of the race was icky and terrible.  It was literally raining as we drove to Burns Park.  I told Adam if it continued I was probably gonna call my Mom (who had all the kids) to come pick me up. When we arrived, my friend Stephanie had all the gear to ride in the rain and the freezing cold weather, I decided I was already down there so I might as well go for it, so I did.   At first it was fairly miserable, being that rain was running off my helmet, my shoes were soaked and it was truly freezing.  Thankfully the rain let up and it got better, I finished the race and did pretty well in my opinion.  Because of the yucky weather and water on the route, the only options were 20 or 50 miles. I finished my 20 miler and was totally proud of myself!
There I am.
This was the turn around spot, with food and water.  Stephanie and I were in a hurry to get back to baseball games and birthday parties so we shoved down an orange and a pickle, grabbed a quick sip of water and got back on the bike.
After the ride, Coby, the hospital chef, had prepared an awesome lunch menu and it all tasted fantastic!  That homemade granola with kiwi was DELISH!
We had fun riding together and I am proud to say I did this, rain or shine, I stuck with it!
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