Monday, June 3, 2013

Seeing Friends and Weekend Review

Thursday night some friends of our family were going to be passing through and staying with my parents so before Peyton's t-ball game on Thursday night (which thankfully got rained out) we headed over to my parents to say hello and catch up a bit with the Rader's. I so enjoyed seeing Cindy's and catching up on what the Lord is doing in their sweet, little (I mean large) family! I must say that Cindy is very inspiring to me, she has six kids and she doesn't seem to miss a beat. Just last week she told me about taking 9, yes NINE kids to Walmart (because she had 3 extra friends in tow), she said they had three carts and her oldest girls each pushed the three boys...she laughingly said, "yeah, and I got to walk while they pushed the carts!" She said she gets asked all the time, "do they all have the same Daddy?" To which she promptly says, "Yes, they sure do!" And then there's the inevitable statement "you sure have your hands full!" and she responds, "And we wouldn't have it any.other.way!"

With all that she has going on I don't know how she accomplishes all that she does, but she is truly SUPERWOMAN! For any of you who are doing Beth Moore's Siesta Sister's Memory Verses with me, you have Cindy to thank. I so appreciate her challenging me with this and hope y'all are enjoying the challenge too.

Here's us two Mama's with our 10 kiddos...Be sure to notice that Peyton is "holding" Emerson who wants nothing to do with taking the picture!

Here's all the peeps...the picture turned out pretty good, considering there are 10 kids and 20 eyes that were mostly all looking in the right direction!

Well my goodness, I can't remember a day when it literally poured down all the live long day, but Saturday it sure did! Honestly, it was kind of nice to lay low and just be bums, staying in our pjs far past breakfast was actually quite nice. Adam decided to get out with the boys and ran a few errand while I stayed home and did some research and reservation making for our upcoming trip to San Francisco and Napa Valley, while Ava Jane napped. It was oh so nice to just have no agenda.

I stuck Cilantro Lime Chicken in the crockpot and totally was planning to do chicken tacos and a movie for dinner when a random knock on our front porch completely changed our evening, for the better! My parents dropped by randomly to return some shoes Adam had left at their house and they said, "since you've been cooped up with the kiddos all day, we were wondering if you'd like to get out and have a date?" Would I? Are you kidding? It didn't take me long to change my clothes, tease my hair and hop in the car!

Being that we are living in the "blackout period" we don't get out that often just Adam and I, so with the pouring down rain, I thought for sure, there wouldn't be many people out so we headed up to the Promenade where I thought we'd have no trouble getting into Local Lime (Adam has yet to eat there) oh but no, there was quite the line...then we tried Chuy's (which is a new phenomenon here in Little Rock--we loved it when we lived in Bham), oh but no, it was a RIDICULOUS wait there too! So we decided on Copeland's which had no wait for a table for two and it was oh so tasty! I had the crab stuffed ravioli and a cobb salad that was to die for!

We enjoyed our quiet, evening together.

After that we went to see Mud, the movie that's set here in DeWitt, AR, I hate to say it, but I didn't really like it. Oh well, it was quiet and uninterrupted time with my man, I had a terrific time, thanks Mom and Dad for your thoughtfulness and for holding down the fort!

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