Wednesday, June 5, 2013

End Of A Season

What a fun t-ball season the boys have had. They were just so cute in their Reds and Diamondback uniforms, I enjoyed watching them all season long as they learned the rules of the game, to run fast and hit hard, its crazy that its already over.

I must say I'm not gonna miss the fast and furiousness in the afternoons of changing into their uniforms, gathering all the gear (hats, belts, cleats and gloves) loading up a bag full of snacks and toys for my littlest ones and getting all of us fed and in the car by 5:00 to get to a 6:00 game because of how "bad" the traffic is at that time, will be quite the relief.

This is what it looked like for about 20 minutes while a car got towed yesterday...

Once we arrived, hauling the 2 strollers-one with Emerson, one with Ava Jane and 2 camping chairs as well as all the gear was quite the trip, you should have seen me pushing the two of them across the gravel parking lot yesterday. Thankfully Adam came back and helped me once he got Peyton out to his field for practice before the game started. Though it was hairy at points we did have a good time and met some really fun friends!

Drew (Adam's cousin's little boy) happened to be the Umpire for Lawson's game which was so fun!

Those cute little Diamondbacks were so teeny tiny out there on that big field!

Lawson's up to bat...

Lawson with his cheering fans...

Here's most of the D-Back team and Lawson with his trophy...He was super excited about getting that.

Peyton played really well, he got 3 outs, ran fast, threw hard and did the very best that he could.

Adam and I are both so proud of Peyton and his effort!

We had a great introduction to T-ball out at Burns Park, I'm sure we'll be out there again next year, til then, we'll continue enjoying our start to summer!

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