Monday, August 20, 2012

1st Day of Kindergarten!

Well, today was a big day in this Head house! Peyton started Kindergarten at Robert's Elementary and he couldn't have been more excited! He woke up early this morning ready to wear his new backpack and wanted to get to school so that he could play on "that really big playground" and "visit the library". He was super pumped to be going to his "big school" and he did great!

Adam and I walked him into the school this morning and he went right into his classroom and didn't even look back. We were told we were supposed to say our goodbyes in the "Kindergarten Flex Area" which is a large open area out in front of the Kindergarten Classrooms. We took a couple of pictures with him then he was on his way. We were proud of how well he did, as I'm typing this I'm wondering how his first day has actually gone, I'll have to give you an update tomorrow!

We feel truly blessed and tremendously encouraged by the answered prayers that God has given us in: 1. his teacher, who happens to be a believer and goes to our church, and every person that I've told about Mrs. Shelton, has said she's fabulous and truly one of the best teachers there and 2. that there seems to be such a prominent Christian family community there. Today I met with 30 or so women who are all Mom's of Robert's kids who are believers and we simply met to pray for our kids, the school, the teachers, was a really wonderful morning spent with Mom's whose hearts are all in the same place! What a tremendous blessing!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

9 Wonderful Years!

Today we are celebrating 9 wonderful years of marriage!
Ad and Me 5

I love Adam Head more today then the day we married, he truly is my best friend and I'm so thankful for all the fun times we've had in our nine years together. It's definitely been a full 9 years with 5 moves between 3 states, the births of 3 precious little boys (and a little girl due in about 6 weeks). We are CONSTANTLY overwhelmed with God's faithfulness and provision for us, He has taken us through some very trying times in these years but we have been all the better and stronger for the trials He has put us through. I can't imagine a more perfect man for me and I'm so grateful that God saw fit to place Adam in my life! I look forward with eager anticipation to what the future holds and all the fun times we have still ahead!

I blogged our whole story last year and you can read that post and see a bunch of pictures HERE (you'll have to scroll down to Aug. 9th - 8 Years and Counting).

Tonight we're going to enjoy a nice quiet dinner and a movie while the kiddos spend the night with their Poppy and Grammy, we are so looking forward to a little focused attention on one uninterrupted conversation will be such a treat!!

I love you Adam Head, today, and always!

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