Friday, June 7, 2013

Once is Good, Twice is Better!

Wednesday we went to the Splash Pad in Midtown, not once but twice! We met some friends there that morning and the boys were so excited!

Emerson enjoyed being king on the mountain.

We didn't get to play all that long since a large load of kids from a daycare came so we decided to go ahead and eat our lunch. Picnicking with friends is always fun!

Then the weather got very over cast and dark so we packed it all up and headed home, just in time for the bottom to give way to all the rain.

We had planned a playdate with my Sister In Law, Molly, and her son JoJo, for later that day. So after getting Peyton from school we headed back toward Midtown (where they live) and decided to give the Splash Pad another go since the sun came back out and the day was beautiful!!. The kids had a blast!

Jojo and Emerson had a great time giving their cars and train "a bath"...they were enamored with this little water fall and unbelievably, those two little active fellas sat right there for most of the time we were there. It was nice to not have to chase them around and to be able to actually visit with one another!

Peyton was super excited to officially be starting his Summer vacation!

And Lawson was running around having such a great time!

These brothers really do enjoy being together, they are such good friends.

How cute are all these boys? Its such fun that cousins get to play together and make great memories! Ava Jane was there too, she just didn't make the picture cause she was busy chowing down on some puffs.

Summer has now officially begun, Peyton is finally out of school! So let the Summer fun continue!!

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