Friday, January 27, 2012

Feed My Starving Children

Last night I got to participate in something so fun and inspiring! Our church is partnering with an organization called Feed My Starving Children with the goal of preparing 500,000 pre-packaged meals for people around the world who are literally starving to death! The numbers are staggering and it was so fun to be the hands of Jesus packing meals that will not only literally save peoples lives but also with the hope that food brings, comes an opportunity for the gosple to be heard!

For two hours, as music blasted through the speakers, people volunteered (hair net and all) to pour rice, soy, chicken seasonings, and dehydrated vegetables, to hold the bags, weigh the packages, seal the bags, pack the boxes and finally pray for the people who will receive the food! It was amazing!

The group I was in, from 7:30-9:30, beat the current record of meals the two hours we were there we packed over 350 boxes, each box holds 36 bags of food and each bag makes 6 the math and that's over 75,000 meals! AMAZING! That's enough for 207 people to have at least one hot meal for an entire year!

Those numbers sound good, and they're a wonderful start, but I can't imagine telling my kids (or myself for that matter) that "you can only have one meal a day!" Our church is well on their way to the 500,000 meal goal that they've set, and I know they'll hit the goal if not exceed it, but what else can we do? There are several things: if you EVER get the chance to pack some meals, DO IT, it's truly so much fun, not to mention life giving to someone! Also, we can partner with Feed My Starving Children financially. Literally, each meal costs only 24 cents, so for a month you can feed 5 children for $36 or you could feed one child for an ENTIRE year for only $88. When was the last time you went to Publix or Kroger and spent $88 and it last you an entire year? NEVER!

It doesn't take much and it's such a necessary life giving mission. Children like Nestle James, who was 2 years old when he was found in the mountains of Haiti was so malnourished that he only weighed 10 lbs. 10 lbs! My one year old weighs over 20 lbs! He was so weak from starvation that he couldn't speak nor could he stand, but after a year of meals from Feed My Starving Children he is back to a normal weight and is back on track developmentally! Praise the Lord!

Proverbs 22:9 says, "Blessed are those who are generous, because they feed the poor." My youth pastor, Mark DeYmaz, used to say, "to whom much is given much is required"...and my thought is, to those who have a full pantry and a well stocked refrigerator, and freezer for that matter, much is required! I challenge you to step up, if God tugs at your heart at all, and join this worthy cause!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend in Review: A Visit

My parents came for a quick visit this weekend, it's always fun to have them.
Because the weather was very yucky, we were sort of stuck in the house, but the boys did manage to seize their only opportunity on Friday where there was a small four hour window where no rain fell, so they decided to go play golf. They were literally the only ones on the course, but they said they had fun. Who ever has a whole course all to themselves?

And the rain never keeps a good shopper Mom and I hit up several stores including Macy's, Belk and Arden B...I had a bit of a shopping spree, but it was all late winter/early spring transitional clothes that were on sale, so that makes me feel better! It's so much more fun shopping with someone!

We played several games, one of our favorites is Headbanz, a funny game where you ask questions trying to figure what object/thing/animal is on your head...its really fun to play! Unfortunately didn't get a picture of Mom and Dad but we were all in on the game!
Then there was Mexican Train...
Picnik collage
And here's the final's hard to bounce back when you get 137 points on the first round! YUCK!

We put together some puzzles...
Picnik collage
Here's Peyton doing his 3D Spider Man puzzle..."it's so cool Mom!"
Picnik collage

We watched several movies and ate lots of good food which all adds up to fun memories being made. By the way, DO NOT rent "One Day" with Anne Hathaway, it was TERRIBLE, we just turned it off.

And here's our little cookie thief stealing yet another...oh well its the weekend and grandparents are on!

So there it is, our weekend in review! Hope y'alls was restful and filled with memories made!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Emerson Turns ONE!

It is truly hard to believe that today marks a full year that Emerson Clark has been in our family.
He has completely stolen our hearts and we are all in love with him!
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
He really is what we affectionately call, "Easy Goin' Emerson", though I guess being #3 kind of requires that you roll with the schedule of two older brothers.
Picnik collage
Picnik collage

-He is 22 lbs
-He is getting two top teeth that are just under the gums and he has 2 teeth on the bottom
-He is cruising all over the place but not taking steps on his own yet, though he loves to push his walker
-He has stood by himself one time for a few seconds
-He loves eating just about anything we put infront of him...he really enjoys Cutie oranges cut into tiny bites, he enjoys his apple and cinnamon oatmeal in the mornings, he really likes Chick Fil A chicken nuggets torn up into teeny pieces and loves any kind of bread
-He is drinking out of a sippy cup really well
-He is drinking whole milk now and seems to have transitioned to it well
-He has recently found his tongue and has begun moving it in and out of his mouth really fast making the "blah blah blah" sound...he will mimic Adam and I when we do this with him
-He enjoys pressing all the buttons on our phones and remote controls
-He's also recently developed an opinion and he will throw his head back if he doesn't like what's going on
-He easily climbs the 2 flights of stairs and can get up there in no time flat
-He says both "Mama" and "Dada" along with "Uh Oh"
-He is a mover and shaker, he's constantly moving while sitting in the highchair, or sitting in our laps, one of his favorite things to do is bump back and forth in his highchair, he thinks its hilarious and gets to laughing so hard at himself, its pretty cute to watch
-He loves to get in on the wrestling that takes place between Peyton, Lawson and Daddy...its so cute, when the others are going at it on the floor, he can't stand to not be up in the middle of it all as well
-He's still in his Chicco carseat but it won't be long before we're in a big boy seat and turned around facing forward, he'll love it when we do that
Picnik collage
He was completely enthralled with the cupcake, he was even trying to eat the paper wrapper to get all that yummy icing! It was quite a mess to clean up, but he had a big time for sure!
Picnik collage
Happy Birthday sweet boy!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 Goal: A Memory Jar

A good friend of mine sent me this great present for Christmas.
Its a simple way to keep up with cute and funny things the kids say. The idea is to not let the year go by without jotting down all those things that make family life special. Kids say the funniest things, but sometimes the day goes by and we can't quite remember the details when we go back to tell our hubby. These sweet conversations happen between parents and children and we want to keep them close to our heart. Family outings and trips remind us of God's blessings on our lives, and somehow the specialness slips from memory over time. But not this year!! We're gonna begin a new tradition in 2012, we'll use the slips of paper that she included in the container to record our family memories, then on New Year's Day next year we will recount the joys (and possibly some crazy, not so joyous moments) of family life from the year before.

I'll leave you with one of our first ones in the jar. This conversation occurred at the dinner table on Jan 3rd, it was quite random for sure:
Peyton:"Dad, why do you have hair in your nose?"
Adam looks up at me and asks, "Do I have hair sticking out of my nose?"
To which I replied, "No honey, I have no idea what he's talking about."
Then everyone went back to eating like nothing had been said...just a random conversation!
So, there's a funny Head memory to recount in 12 months...I still have no idea why Peyton asked that...who knows what conversations and funny thoughts will come out next but I look forward to each of them!

How about you, have you had any funny conversations with your kids lately?

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

One Last Thing From 2011

Well I know its the New Year but I have a few things left to blog about that I didn't get done before our ski trip and Christmas vacation.

The boys had Christmas parties at school and did a really sweet Christmas program all about Baby Jesus. Here's Peyton with some of his classmates...
Picnik collage
Lawson's class sang songs and rang their bells, he really liked it, though he pretended to be shy (or mad) little boy in his class kept calling out, from the stage, "Hey Dad, look at me!" That was pretty funny!
Picnik collage
They also played the sticks...again, its up for debate if he was mad or acting shy.
Peyton's class sang several songs about the animals that were probably living in the stable, so they all wore different animal ears, he was a donkey. He gets extremely embarrassed in situations like this and usually just shuts down all together while up on stage, but I was completely impressed, at first his motions were quite small and not done with much gusto, but toward the end he was doing the motions and singing full out, I was so proud of him!
Picnik collage
Here's the sleepy donkey!
We decorated sugar cookies with the Lowery kids and from the looks of the pictures, the icing was a huge hit...
Picnik collage
Honestly there probably was more icing scooped into their mouths then actually on the cookies! And just to keep it real here on Head Happenings, the next morning, Lawson's poop was the brightest shade of green I have EVER seen, it was truly unbelievable, didn't have it in me to take a picture of that, aren't you glad?!
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
Here were some of the cookies that actually turned out! We had fun!

Well its officially out with 2011 and in with 2012! Hope you all had a Happy New Year and will have a blessed 2012!

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