Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekend In Review: Down two kiddos

This past weekend Adam's parents took our oldest two kids to go camping at Blanchard Springs, they had a blast! Can't wait to see all the pictures and do a post of their time together.

While they were away, we had fun with our littlest peeps! Friday night my parents came over, we grilled out, played cards and hit the hot tub. We had an enjoyable evening together!

I'm pretty sure that Emerson thoroughly enjoyed having sole control of the playroom and the toys all weekend long!

Ava Jane was just hangin' around while we ate and visited, she really likes her jumparoo.

We played Spades with a deck of cards I bought Adam while we were dating, I know, they're quite a cheesy gift, but the picture on the cards is special cause it was taken the night we got engaged, almost 11 years ago! We played in teams, Adam and Mom versus my Dad and I.

Saturday, we decided to try out a "new" (to us) restaurant and took the littles, Adam showed Emerson how to make a "snake" grow (by using the paper from the straw), he thought that was pretty cool and Ava Jane had her first go with a lemon wedge, she actually seemed to like it!

Sunday we enjoyed time with some life long friends.

Here's the Grill Master...

The kids doing their thing...

The Mama's and some of the girlies...

Here's our brood of little people!

Sweet Luke was "hiding" from the camera...

They enjoyed a picnic dinner with friends...

Guess us girls didn't get the memo to coordinate our outfits! That was hilarious!

And I'm pretty sure we have a few little matches made in heaven within our little group! Luke has a huge crush on Ava Jane, and I for one would be completely fine to go ahead and do an arranged marriage, whatcha think Steph? Then there was this going on outside, I think Emerson might have a little something for Liberty, that too would be a fine match up in my book!

There's just something to be said about longtime friendships, all of us have known one another since high school and college, what a fun reality that we've all landed back in Little Rock at such a time as this. Now our kids can be friends and the thought of that just makes me smile! I love you all, lets do it again real soon!

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  1. oh this post makes me so sad we don't like closer! And HILARIOUS that the guys matched. HILARIOUS.


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