Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Time With Friends

A couple weekends back we had the chance to spend the day with the Helmicks, some good friends of ours.  We left Little Rock fairly early on Saturday morning but not before a stop off at Starbucks (for liquid energy) and the gas station for ice to put over the food and other drinks.  We made it to Ouachita with our posse of kiddos and enjoyed a beautiful day on the lake.
The girls were the first one out of the shoot, and I think they had a really great time.
Even Keri got to ride with her littles, but it was a some what short ride.
All our kids got up on at least on one if not two of the wakeboard, knee board or skies, we were all so proud!!  It was actually Emerson and Ava Jane's first time to do the knee board.  I think peer pressure was a good thing in this scenario!  Thanks to Steven who stayed in the water with all the kids as they got set, his encouragement was helpful no doubt.
Even Keri and Steven got up, and I must say, Steven got after it!

These girls make me smile so much.  How cute are they?  Ava Jane enjoyed  having girls on the boat.
The kids had a great time jumping in the water, playing with water guns and soaking in the last rays of summer.
Helmick's, thanks so much for coming with us!  We enjoyed the time together.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Make A Wish: Edyn Grace's Surprise

A few weeks back, a friend of mine, whose sweet daughter has been in my Sunday school class two years now, asked Adam and I to help celebrate Edyn Grace's Make A Wish Surprise!  I was thrilled to be asked and so glad to be apart of the celebration!  As I type this post, their family is cruising around on a Disney cruise and my prayer is that they are making wonderful memories together and having a blast as a family!
Edyn has been training with the UALR diving team.  Several of the team members were there to share in the excitement of the day!
Elsa and these pretty princesses helped us get into the magic of the moment.
Edyn's dream definitely came true!  And it was a surprise for the boys too!
Not only did she get the trip, but she received many fun gifts as well.
And so did her brothers!
Trusted Choice Independent Insurance Agents of Arkansas was the organization that supported this Make A Wish dream come true.  The ladies I spoke with were super excited to be apart of this surprise and were anxious to meet Edyn Grace and to help her dreams become a reality.
I've loved getting to know this sweet little girl and her family.  They are precious and I'm thrilled they were able to go and spend this week together, making memories and enjoying time as a family.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

14 Years Into Marriage

Today marks fourteen years that Adam and I have been married.   FOURTEEN YEARS!  That's no small number.  In one way it seems like it has been a long time, but in another way it feels as though the years have sped by.
We've had fourteen years as a married couple but only thirteen of those actually living together (because he was deployed to Iraq for a year).  Twelve years ago was the year we spent apart (which is unbelievable to think about and a time I wouldn't ever want to repeat).  Eleven years ago we found out we were pregnant with our first baby, Peyton is now ten.  Nine years ago we moved to Little Rock for the first time after concluding our military days and beginning our civilian lives again.  Eight years ago Lawson came along.  We have had seven moves in fourteen years (so I've gotten real good at purging but with each addition to our family our stuff continues to grow.)  Six years ago we moved to Birmingham with two week old Emerson after he made his debut on a snowy Arkansas morning.  We have braved five different jobs with each one requiring more time, more energy and more wisdom then the one before.  God has blessed us with four precious gifts of which Ava Jane was our biggest surprise---she was a girl and she was born with a heart defect that required surgery (one of our scariest moments for sure).  We have had at least three wonderful trips just Adam and I (its actually more than that but I couldn't think of anything else associated with the number three).  Thankfully there are two sets of grandparents who enjoy being with our children which allows us time together and time away.  And last but certainly not least, we have ONE great God who has seen us through hard times, difficult days, happy moments and times of real excitement too.
Adam, I can't imagine living life alongside anyone else.  You are my dream come true,  and you are all that I had prayed for my future husband to be.  I'm so grateful God saw fit to place you in my life and to bless me with a man of integrity, one who takes responsibility, who leads courageously and expects God's greater reward.   Though life has thrown us hurdles to jump over and and we have had plenty of challenges, our God has been faithful.  He has seen us through uncertain times and scary moments and has always been our Jehovah Jireh--our Provider.  Having fourteen years of history is truly a blessing because we have more "memorial stones" that we can polish when we go through uncertain and distressing times both now and in the future.  I can only imagine the depth of confidence we will garner after fourteen more years of marriage with more ups and downs and getting a front row seat to the story God is writing for us.  I love you with my whole heart.  I respect you completely and love you implicitly.  I am looking forward to what the years ahead of us hold.  Happy Anniversary!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Playin' at "the river"

Last week we were invited to spend the morning with some good friends out on the Liver's land. We were celebrating Owen's birthday and playing in "the river" was on the agenda.  My boys were thrilled to throw rocks, climb on trees and simply go exploring.  Thanks so much for inviting us, they were elated to be there!
There was a rope swing that got lots of use, much digging in the creek bed and several nets for catching fish, all things that little boys (and girls) dreams are made of!  It's safe to say they had a blast for sure.
Our time at "the river" was really fun.
Being with friends (some young and some of us a tad older), is always a treat.
My sweet girl basking in the sun.   
Owen, we enjoyed getting to celebrate with you!  What a kind boy you are, helpful and respectful in each encounter I have ever had.  May this next year be filled with lots of fun and memories to be made!  (The cupcakes were a serious hit!)
Happy Birthday Owen!  

Time With Friends

A couple weekends back we had the chance to spend the day with the Helmicks, some good friends of ours.  We left Little Rock fairly early on...