Monday, July 1, 2013

Weekend In Review

Friday night we finally got to introduce the boys to Swiss Family Robinson, and I must say it.was.a.hit! The boys have LOVED watching it every day since then! It's one of those childhood favorites that both Adam and I have wanted to watch with the kids and it truly was so fun to see again after so many years!! Still love Fritz and Ernst, the gy-nor-mous python scene and the cheesy brotherly fights, its such a clean, wholesome family film, a definite movie to watch with your kids!

"No pictures Mom, let's just watch the show!"

Saturday we woke early in order to head to Bo Brook Farm to pick blueberries for the first time ever. It was really such a nice morning, the weather was much cooler which made it more bearable and pleasant! My sister and her family joined us too which was such fun!

When we got home the boys wanted to play outside while I prepped stuff for lunch. As I was warming it up, I looked out the front windows to check on them and found this adorable sight! So I took my new zoom lens and went and hid in the flower bed to capture a few candid shots of my precious three! Peyton rigged up the red wagon as a trailer by using a bungee chord to tie it to the back of his 4 wheeler...these kids are innovative for sure, and pretty well self entertained which has its perks!

Thanks to a good friend who loaned us his industrial strength power washer, we were able to freshen up the deck, it worked like magic on our siding, deck and outdoor rug. Adam did a great job and our kids thoroughly enjoyed watching him work while holding their ears. While the deck dried out we all headed to Home Depot, cause nothing says "fun" except a family of 6 traipsing through the deck stain aisle at the home improvement mecca! We went home and put the kids in front of a movie while Adam and I re-stained the deck. A big "thanks" to my parents who came and took them to the pool so we could finish the job. I must say, we completely stained our entire deck (which is fairly large) in right at 2 1/2 hours, that's smoking, don't ya think?!

Sunday was so pleasant, after church we ate lunch at Chuy's, let me just say, I think the only way we'll ever be able to endure the Chuy's wait, will be to head there right after church, other wise our four hood-a-lems won't be able to stand it! Even with being the third party to enter the door, we still had a 15-20 minutes wait and it was 10:45 AM, apparently they don't seat anyone until the kitchen is completely "warmed" up and ready...kind of interesting, but no matter, we enjoyed the breeze on the patio and the oh so tasty food. Brought back our days in Birmingham when we fell in love with the place!

Later, Adam took the big boys fishing while I rested and the babies napped. I don't normally nap, but I laid on the sofa and really enjoyed a little down time which was so nice. Our weekend was literally topped off with whipping cream and strawberries. Having some adult conversation with good friends like these is such a treat! Oh, SO, how I love your desserts...the decadent chocolate sack is divine, and I enjoyed it even more paired with my glass of wine. Thanks Spenst's for inviting us along!

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