Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Baseball…Cancelled or Still On?

Unless you've had your head stuck under a rock, you've most certainly seen all the dangerous weather that the South has been pummeled with over the past days and weeks.  With flash flooding and tornado watches that led to extremely severe weather, well it has caused the boys schedule be a little crazier then usual.  It seems almost every game has been cancelled then rescheduled then scheduled again due to all the rain outs and flooded fields.  When trying to decide where to sign the boys up to play ball, we chose an organization that only required one practice and one game a week, which seemed totally doable with two boys, but due to all the crazy rescheduling, it's turned out to be quite an intense load with makeup games or practices several nights a week between both the boys.  So though, I enjoy baseball, and getting to watch these boys play, I will be honest and say, I'll be ready to have some flexibility back as we head into summer.

Though the season has been crazy I managed to get a few great pictures of the boys and their sweet fans.  So here's a little taste of what we've been up to out at Burns Park.   Lawson has quite the natural ability, he can throw harder then most of the boys on his team and when it releases from his hand its usually a hard line ball flying in the right direction.



Oh my word.….MELT.MY.HEART!!!


And here's the cheering section…






(Notice the cowboy boots…we don't leave home very often without them!!)


As for Peyton, he is one of the fastest runners on his team.  When he gets a good hit on the ball, its fun to watch him burn it in around the baseball field.  In several games he's been the first to score.  He works hard and stays very focused out on the pitchers mound.  The games we HAVE gotten to play, have been pretty fun to watch!!


Learning good sportsmanship is fun to see develop, whether its the whole team shaking hands or it's one of them helping another teammate up off the ground.  It really has been fun to watch this season!


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

You Are My Sunshine

Over the past year it has been amazing to walk beside a friend of mine who has been in the midst of a wonderful but often times roller coaster-like journey of adoption.  Watching she and her husband walk this path that God has laid before them has been remarkable. As they have whole heartedly and fully embraced God's desire for them to grow their family in such a way as this, they have faithfully and trustingly opened their hearts and lives to another child that God brought into their sweet family in a way that only He could have sovereignly orchestrated.  To hear more of their story you can read Lynn's blog here.

So, several weeks ago many of our closest friends helped host a Sip and See in sweet baby Micah's honor.  It was a precious "You Are My Sunshine" theme and I do believe it all turned out so lovely!






And there were delicious lemon bars that were given as party favors.

We had such a fun time celebrating this most wonderful gift, this precious, cuddly baby boy.  I'm thankful to have gotten a front row seat to the miracle of adoption and look forward to seeing more answered prayers through this little guys life!  Lynn and Jeremy, congratulations!  We are so excited to see what God is going to continue to do in and through your family!  May God bless you and keep you, may His light shine upon your sweet family and fill you with peace!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Field Day 2015

Like I said in my last post, this week has been chalk full of activities. Thursday and Friday were Field Day's at school. I do believe all the students, including my two sons, had a blast! There were all kinds of relays and races, dancing and games. The school did a great job making it a fun day for the students.





There was a DJ playing fun dance songs. I do believe that we have some of THE.BEST.SECURITY Guards of any school around and they were all gettin' with it out there!!


Though we'd had a week of rain off and on, both Field Days turned out really nice…cool, but nice.


Lawson and his friends acting a little silly.


With popsicles to lick and ribbons to accept, I'm pretty sure the kids had a blast and were a wee bit tired from the days activities.  Lawson won the Kindergarten running  relay and was super excited about that.  Peyton came in 2nd in the same race and then also won the frisbee toss.  We ended our week by checking both of them out of school and grabbing a bite of lunch together.  It was a fun start to our long  Memorial Day weekend!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Museum of Discovery Field Trip

This week has been filled with end of school activities.  I started off the week with Peyton's second grade class spending all day at the Museum of Discovery.  Our group was the first one who got to listen and watch how the science experiments work.  Several of the teachers were great sports in that they willingly put cheetos that had been soaked in liquid nitrogen in their mouths…the kids thought this was awesome…the teachers were not so thrilled, but they did impress the crowd as they "smoked" from their noses and mouths.  Honestly, all the experiments were really cool to watch and it kept the kids  (and my own) attention completely!







I don't get much one on one time with my kids so I did really enjoy spending the day with my oldest!  What fun to hang out with him and to get to interact with he and his little buddies.  I love you Peyton!!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Piano Recitals

Peyton has taken piano for the past three years but this was Lawson's first year learning to tickle the ivories.  I've seen Peyton grow in his understanding and ability to play the piano this past year and that's been such fun to watch.  For Lawson, the practice time was harder to come by and took more effort for him.  But this past week, all their hard work, practice and memorizing of songs came to fruition as they both got to play their pieces for all the students and parents. Adam and I were proud of them and glad to have such a wonderfully patient teacher as Molly to work with and teach our boys.




I took a few pictures before they actually played in the recital and this little moment that I caught was pretty cute!   I think he does enjoy being able to play the piano even if he acts like he doesn't, what do you think?

We love these boys!



Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day Art Show and Tea

Thursday and Friday were two very fun days with my kids, first it was the Mother's Day Art Show at my littlest ones preschool.  I love how the teachers do the cutest art projects with the kids throughout the year and save them for this special showing for the Mommas.  All the little hand prints and precious hand done art, is adorable and will soon be new fixtures in our playroom!

Emerson was quite proud to show me all his beautiful art work.  Ms. Amy and Mrs. Jodie do an amazing job with these preschoolers and filled the halls with adorable creations!  Thank you ladies for all your hard work and effort.



I thought his watercolor turned out beautiful!!

And reading what Emerson said when asked these questions about me was pretty funny.

Ava Jane had some cute pictures as well, like this little alligator made from her handprint!

Ava Jane was so excited to show me around her class that when first asked to smile for the camera, she couldn't even keep hers open! She's such a sweet girl and I love her immeasurably!

Onn Friday, I had the privilege of going to the Mother's Day tea in Lawson's class.  (Please take notice of how he spelled my name---how cute is that?)


They sang several sweet songs about what Mothers do and how they are appreciated.  Thanks Mrs. Dees for going to such an effort to make us Mommas feel loved!


I love this boy and my portrait, don't you think it looks just like me?  He even gave me a big chunky necklace that he knows I love to wear!


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