Wednesday, November 22, 2017

CARTI: Festival of Trees

This past week was filled with wonderful events that all benefited CARTI. CARTI, is THE cancer treatment facility that provides hope and healing to Arkansans statewide.  This was my first time to experience all of the Festival of Trees and I must say, each night was truly fun for a cause.

It kicked off with Ava Jane and Adam getting all decked out for the Sugar Plum Ball.  To say she was excited about this soiree is a huge understatement, she was elated!  Since this Daddy Daughter evening happened to fall the exact day that Emerson was in the hospital with his severe allergic reaction, and I was in the hospital with him, this is the only picture I got this year.
Festival After Dark, on Thursday night, was an evening of casual mingling mixed with some of the tastiest restaurants in town serving some of their most decadent items such as truffle oil mac and cheese, asiago cheese and bacon tater tots and miniature chicken tacos with the freshest salsa that was all very delicious.  There were silent auction items to bid on and I believe it was Arkansas Circus Art who performed for the evening, they were quite talented.
I have never been to a live runway fashion show, so I was in for a real treat on Friday evening at Festival of Fashion.  It was a high energy, upbeat show filled with trendy items from some of the most prominent boutique clothiers in town.  Whitney was my plus one, it was fun to spend an evening together kid free!
The week culminated at Tux n Trees, which was a beautiful affair and one I was glad to be apart of. There are so many wonderful things happening at CARTI that Adam and I are both excited to be involved with and to see come to fruition. The physicians are excellent, their care and concern for their patients is evident and to be apart of an organization that reaches all four corners of the state, treating all forms of cancer, makes it an amazing organization to be apart of.  It was a very busy week, but these four nights were filled with fun!
It was great to have good friends there to spend the evening with.


Thursday, November 16, 2017

Peyton: Celebrating 11 years

Oh my word, how can we have a child that is ELEVEN years old today?! I'm not really sure where the time has gone but I can say that I have loved almost every minute of this young mans precious life!

Every year I try to plan fun, themed birthday parties, but this year we for-went the party and pulled out another idea.  Peyton loves watching the Golden State Warriors and Steph Curry is his favorite athlete right now.  So when this Momma found out that the Golden State Warriors were playing the Memphis Grizzlies, we couldn't pass up the chance to surprise him!  We decided to tell the kids we were going to run errands and needed to go by Home Depot for a few things around the house.  We pulled out of the driveway and headed toward the store but we drove on past it, we continued onto the interstate and got all the way to the Maybelline factory on the other side of North Little Rock when Peyton finally asked, "Mom---where are we going?" To which I responded, "I thought you might never ask!  Matter of fact, I have a gift right here with your name on it."  He opened the sack and inside was a blue and yellow Golden State Warriors jersey the he'd been requesting.  Peyton was thrilled!  We told him, "hey we aren't driving to run any errands, we're driving to Memphis, Tennessee to see your favorite team play the Grizzlies!!   He was shocked and beside himself which was so fun!! Here's the video of how the surprise went.
The game wasn't until later that evening to I thought it'd be fun to do the Memphis Zoo.  The kids always enjoy it and we had really nice weather, not too hot or too cool.
This boy has my whole heart.   Peyton Thomas Head is THE most caring, thoughtful, kind, servant-hearted young man that I have the privilege of knowing.  He takes initiative in helping around our house when he sees something needs to be done, he cares for his siblings, he's obedient and all around a joy to parent.  Peyton-- Daddy and I love you so much and are so incredibly grateful that God saw fit to put you into our family!  I hope you feel loved today, for you surely are!!
That evening we ate some BBQ at The Neely's restaurant then Adam and Peyton headed off for the game.  He had a great time watching Steph Curry and the whole team.  Unfortunately Steph Curry and Kevin Durant got side ways with the refs and ultimately got ejected from the game.  It was a win for the Grizzlies but Peyton LOVED seeing his team unclose and personal!


While they were at the game the other three stayed with me at the hotel and enjoyed the indoor pool--that is, they enjoyed the pool once we located some swimsuits, purchased some pajamas, clothes and tooth brushes!  In our hurry to get all the bags and gifts hidden away in the suburban, Adam forgot to stick the kids suitcase in the back of the car, so when we determined that we were in the hotel room without a car and no kids clothes I quickly called Adam and said, "either you're gonna have to come back here and we'll all go to drop you off at the game and then I'll have the car or I'm going to have to call Uber to come get me and the other three children to take us to the nearest Target or Walmart." Thankfully he wasn't far from the hotel so he came back, we dropped them off, we found some shorts for the boys and the one loan swimsuit on the Target clearance rack for Ava Jane.   Our night was almost ruined...Emerson was in tears but within the hour our plan was back in business....thankfully! There were tears and nashing of teeth when we had gotten to the room the first time after having been talking up the idea of swimming, only to find NO BAG and NO CLOTHES! That was not a good moment! Thankfully it was redeemed though!  They were all smiles after that!

I think our surprise birthday celebration was super de-duper fun! I was thrilled to get him something he really wanted and to surprise him with it to boot!  It felt like a real win all the way around!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Halloween Fun

This year was a little ho-hum for me, as far as Halloween.  Usually I try to coordinate the kids and have some sort of theme, but this year I was just not into it too much.  Honestly, I told the kids, "we have lots of costumes to choose from, so lets just pick out one of the costumes we already possess." The boys naturally chose a Star Wars theme and Ava Jane wanted to be Rey at first.  So here were our before pics.  (Ava Jane decided to change costumes right before we left for our family friendly halloween party.)
How about this sassy britches--pointing at the boys while they have a light saber "war".
Carol hosted a great party as always, we had some fun themed food and of course a witches brew of spooky punch.  You can see more pics here.  We loaded some of the kids up in the car while some of us walked several streets collecting a mother load of candy in the misty rain.
As I said, Ava Jane decided she preferred to dress up as Anna, so we did the quick costume change and added braids...I let the themed costuming go without a fuss, I was not up for a debate.
Partying with friends is always a treat and time well spent!  I love all these kids and the families they represent!
I'd say Halloween 2017 was a hit with or without the rain.  Candy of all varieties were collected and today, this Momma enjoyed one too many chocolate bars while folding laundry!

Take Me Out To the Ball Game

Well, we finished up our second season of baseball for Emerson.  Having never played t-ball before, stepping right up to the plate to play baseball with boys who had played multiple seasons, was a lot, but Emerson did great and ended Fall Ball as "Rookie of the Year"!  We were so proud of him.  He hung in there and learned to "keep his elbow up", "bat back" and to keep his front foot planted and to step toward the pitcher, not backwards.  Learning to field a ball and keep his eye on it, were all learning experiences that made for some frustrating moments for him and for Adam as they played catch over and over again.   But in the end, he learned how to do it and to see the smile on his face when he finally caught a ball in the air or threw the ball to Adam (in the proper direction) was really fun to watch!  Emerson, you were known as the most organized baseball player on the team and helped keep the dugout picked up and free of any of your items.  You kept it all together neatly in your backpack and your coaches appreciated you.   Dad and I are proud of all that you've learned and can't wait to cheer you on again!  You bring a smile to our face with all your quirky mannerisms and facial expressions--I'm not sure where you get those (wink, wink---the apple doesn't fall very far from the tree my boy---and you are for sure, my child!)




This cutie in the outfield makes me smile and my heart wants to burst with joy!


With a steady eye on the ball and his elbow back, he swung and hit that ball, then ran hard to first base!  Emerson, you did great this year in baseball!  Daddy and I love you and are so very proud of your effort.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Fair Fun 2017

This year I decided to take the kiddos to the fair.  My father-in-law got us tickets into the fair and a parking pass so we got to enjoy it one of the days the kids were out of school for fall break.  
How is it that these boys are getting so big?  I can't even believe it.
We took a trek through the livestock barns and had to tiptoe around a few cow paddies, much to my chagrin.  Emerson and Ava Jane enjoyed the Farm Bureau sponsored area that had the cutest yellow baby ducks, a cow milking station and lots of baby animals to pet and feed.

They enjoyed riding many of the rides and Peyton was a good sport and rode several times with his baby sister--cue the melted Mommy heart.  I am truly a blessed Momma to have been given these four precious little people to love on and parent.
Sure love these "cliff hangers"!

Emerson wants to be a cowboy so when we saw the pony rides, he was all about it!

We ran into one of Ava Jane's little buddy's, so they enjoyed getting to ride together several times.
The boys and I rode this Polar Bear ride and all of us just about got sick.  We couldn't get off that thing fast enough!  It went backwards in a circle the entire time and was going so fast that I could hardly sit up straight.  WORST.RIDE.EVER!  Note to self, never again!
Each of us took a turn riding the Euro Slide and it was fun.  The walk up was steep, with no stairs, but the kids had a blast so it was worth it!  Our day at the fair was pleasant and something fun we could all do together.  The ages of my kids right now seems to be right in the "sweet spot".  I'm truly enjoying these days and trying to absorb all the moments because they seem to be flying by super fast.

CARTI: Festival of Trees

This past week was filled with wonderful events that all benefited CARTI. CARTI, is THE cancer treatment facility that provides hope and he...