Friday, March 29, 2013

"No Scabies"...."Yes Tanning", what?!

Well, some of you read about my recent situation with scabies here (or so they thought) several weeks ago. Today, almost 6 weeks after all these bumps (also known as papular squamous eruptions) first showed up I still have them! So today, after a trip to the dermatologist, we almost have a diagnosis, and its NOT SCABIES, never was! Yay!! Which really helps explain some questions like why none of my family members ever got it since its such a contagious illness.

Anyway, after showing the dermatologist all my spots (which is oh so humbling, based on where some of the spots are) he just shook his head..."this is NOT scabies!" "You are either dealing with pityriasis rosea or psoriasis, and I'm hoping its pityriasis rosea."

Well that diagnosis wasn't all that new to hear because I'd had another Doctor say that he thought it was pityriasis rosea as well, and I'm praying that's the case, because it will go away in 3-4 months (really?!), but if its psoriasis, then it will begin a life long process of dealing with that illness.

For now, they have me on a very potent steroid ointment that has to be put on all the hundreds of spots twice daily...that'll be fun! "Hey Adam, can't reach those, could you help me please?!"---Really?! Ughh! I'm also taking an antibiotic just to see if it might help too. Oh, and here's the crazy part, Dr. Kincanon looked at me and said "and you need to start tanning." What? Yes, my dermatologist just told me to go and do exactly what they usually say NOT to do! He said that my spots need exposure to light. So he said to go and get a package of 30 or so tans, and see if that helps. Haven't tanned since college, I do have to say that I am looking forward to the few moments of relaxation...the warmth, music and'll be awesome! Now, I just have to figure out when I'm gonna fit that in to an already packed schedule, ya know, WITHOUT the kids, might have to be late at night!!

So here goes...gonna try and get rid of these spots! It's just truly NEVER a dull moment here!!


  1. LOL; the irony! Glad it's not scabies, though, and I hope it's the temporary one!! Love ya!

  2. You could write a book! Crazy that tanning would help but that's not bad!

  3. So funny. Glad you get to go tanning - that does sound like a nice, warm change of pace. Plus, you will look so fine. Always a bonus.

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