Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Lovin' Summer!

School has officially been out almost a week now but this week we've been doing VBS so we've still had a set schedule each morning. Peyton has really enjoyed going and being with his friends, but I look forward to next week when each morning we won't be hurrying out the door to anything but the pool or playdates with friends!

Tuesday, after VBS let out, several of us met up at a park to picnic and play before naps...oh I do love the unhurried nature of lunch with friends where I don't have to rush the peeps home in hopes of them getting down for a quick two hour nap only to have to wake them up and go get in the carpool line...that positive to summer, alone, qualifies for a big WHOOPIE!

Oh happy day!

The kids had such fun running, playing, walking down by the pond and "feeding" the was more like we scattered bread upon the water and watched it float, guess those ducks and geese have regular visitors and weren't too hungry when all our hoodlums started pitching bread at them...every last one of those ducks just swam away, not seeming to care about the bread in the least!

The kids all had fun, but I must say, it seems to have gone from warm to VERY HOT here in Little Rock, by the time we were finished and I was loading up the stroller and lunch stuff into the car, I was sweating like a crazy person and the poor kids were dying of thirst...Guess that's the way it goes around these parts, its mild one day and extreme heat the next. I'm not complaining though! I am absolutely LOVING being out of school and not having a major routine to keep up with!

As I'm finishing up this post I'm sitting outside watching my kids as Adam cuts the lawn. I am truly enjoying summertime's easy going evenings and long lasting sunshine, the smell of fresh cut grass and watching my kids play...God really is good...all the time. Days aren't always pretty and the ease of summer is not always here, so for tonight, on this beautiful June evening, I'm gonna revel in it! And enjoy the heck out of it!

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