Thursday, November 1, 2012

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Yesterday I planned a nature scavenger hunt out at Pinnacle Mountain State Park with some mommy friends and their kids. It was a beautiful morning for being outside, though it was a bit chilly!

I found this scavenger hunt last Fall on pinterest and decided to do it again, unfortunately the link is no longer working so I just scanned it to make copies for the kids. If you decide to do it, you might consider getting a clipboard for your child to carry that way they can easily cross off each picture that they find.
nature scavenger hunt

Last year my boys loved it, this time Lawson wasn't interested in anything but the HUGE stick he found and of course his little mimic, Emerson, wanted to copy his big brother.

It really was such a nice little walk along the King Fischer Trail...the Mama's got to visit a little bit (and I emphasize a little), but I think the kids had fun looking for pine cones, acorns and leaves...I do have to say the pictures don't do justice to a few of the crazy moments when I thought Emerson might go teetering into the creek that runs beside the trail...he took several tumbles while we were walking and I kept hoping we could make it back to the parking lot without taking a swim!

Sweet Benjamin and Emerson held hands off and on along the way...such cute little buddies!

Tami and her boys...

God's creation with all the Fall foliage truly is spectacular!! He is such a good God, it was fun to be outside in nature and enjoying the crisp air and good company!!

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  1. The clipboard was a good advice, Courtney. Kids can get too absorbed with what they’re doing, especially with something this fun. ;) And there were times when they just sit on dirt to easily cross out an item. Sometimes they’d rather have the mess on them than punch a hole onto their scavenger hunt list. :D


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