Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Gearing up for the holiday...

Last night went really well, she slept good and I did too which was nice since I've only gotten about 2 or so hours of sleep each night since Wednesday. They did have to re-do her IV, so they moved it to her hand which actually went tremendously smooth...they had such a hard time with getting one in several days back but thankfully Chris got it in the first try! Praise the Lord!

As for me, I ask you to pray specifically for my milk production, I currently am pumping exactly what she needs, but I'm only able to stay 1 feed ahead of where she is right now, I'd like to begin having at least a couple of extra bottles for her, so I've begun taking herbal supplements that the lactation consultants suggested (Blessed Thistle and Fenugreek). And if you've ever taken Fenugreek, then you know that a side effect is smelling a bit like maple syrup...guess thats better then some things that I could smell like, but still! Guess that's a small price to pay! As long as everything continues as is, then they will proceed with the surgery on Thursday.

Since everyone else has probably begun their holiday decorating and putting their kids in Christmas outfits, we decided to start celebrating too. We pulled out her cute red Mudpie socks and her Christmas bow that Lisa sent to her, thanks Lis! Doesn't she look festive and cute, even with a feeding tube and oxygen canula coming out of her nose!

And I have to send a HUGE shout out to my dear friend "Mosh" (Michele Ball James) who so kindly put up my Christmas decorations so that we could have a beautiful Christmas tree and mantle when we bring Ava Jane home! She is quite talented and when I get a chance to see it myself, I will post pictures of her handiwork! It's things like that, the meals people have brought, the offers to rake our yard, to get our mail, put out our trash...its the visits, calls and texts that have made Adam and I feel tremendously blessed. God has given us such great friends and family, we are humbled and blessed!

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  1. Other ways to increase your milk production: Eat oatmeal & drink more water than you ever thought possible. Pump 2x in the morning (before and after the time she'll eat). GOOD LUCK!


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