Friday, November 30, 2012

Evening Update...

I realize the last few posts have been lengthy, I apologize for how wordy they've been but I've had trouble condensing it all, there's just been a lot to update on each time.

This afternoon she had several more of her "episodes" where she vageled and her Pulse Ox dropped into the 40's and 50's...but she responded well to being bagged to get her oxygen level back up.

They are doing several things this afternoon:
-They are pulling her Foley catheter out
-They are doing several cultures (of her urine, blood, and respitory secretions) checking for any infections
-They are going down on her ventilator to 8 (so they are weaning her down on that)
-They are going to start her on "hyperale" which is electrolytes, lipids, glucose, potassium,'s like eating a Big Mac and drinking a Gatorade; since she's not eaten since 3am yesterday.

They rotated her this afternoon and it sent her into a vagel episode, but she recovered nicely. They have had to put little "weights" (fabric bags filled with little beads)on her arms to keep her from flailing...her little toes are starting to move which is fun to see...I put my finger in her hand and she held onto it for a bit (the color is back--which is encouraging). Her temp is up to 36.1 so she feels warm again! Her blood pressure has really been pretty stable this afternoon, which is a huge praise! She's able to regulate her own blood pressure, so they took her off both of her BP meds.

Overall, Dr. Gupta says he's pleased with how she's doing and that everything that's going on with the RSV was to be expected and has not caught them off guard at all. He is such a kind Doctor and has been so great to answer any and all of our questions.




  1. I just tear up every time I see that last picture. I'm not sure anything can prepare you for seeing your baby with tubes all over. Praising the Lord for the hurdles she is jumping through, and continuing to pray for a speedy recovery out of RSV.

  2. So I randomly ran across your picture on FB the other day and was wondering if you'd had little Ava. When I came to your blog and saw your posts, I immediately was taken aback. Praying for you and your family, espeically for a continued great recovery from surgery and complete healing from the RSV.

  3. She is so beautiful. We are praying!
    The Chitwoods


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