Monday, November 19, 2012

2 Months...and headed to Children's Hospital

Well, I took Ava Jane in to to see the Doctor this morning because she's had a real rattley cough and sounded very wheezy, I was thinking that she probably had some kind of respitory infection or pneumonia. The Doctor said, "has anyone ever said that she had a heart murmur?" I said "no"...then he proceeded to continue to listen to her for quite some time (I wasn't really all that worried about that because as a baby Peyton had had a heart murmur off and on throughout the first 6 months of his life.) Dr. Byrum said, as far as the breathing problems, that we needed to do an RSV test to rule that out, then that we needed to take an x-ray of her heart, which really what alerted me that this might be something more. Anyway, so we (being Me, Lawson, Wild-man Emerson and Ava Jane) headed back to the lab/x-ray area of the clinic to sit and wait for our turn. They called her name and I lugged all 4 of us up to the lab door, I had Ava Jane in her seat, Emerson flailing on my hip and Lawson trying to crawl around on the floor...needless to say I was in a hot sweat! So when the nurse said, "why don't I just take her and do her x-ray...I'll bring her right back," I was ever so grateful!

We then made our trek back up to the front of the clinic to sit in Dr. Byrum's office while we waited for the results. I pulled every trick I could out to try and keep Wildman Emerson at bay...we did "Here is the Church, Here is the steeple", "The fuzzy caterpillar" along with counting any and all objects in his office as well as reading every kids book that was in there. Finally, he came back in and gave us the results. She was negative for RSV and did not have pneumonia, which is good, she just had a bad cold and needed an inhaler...we've got two of those at home, we're quite good at using Albuterol and Flovent, so that was no biggie...we can do the 2 puffs every 4-6 hours no problem.

He did however say that the x-ray showed that she has an enlarged heart. Honestly everything after that might as well have been "Blah blah blah" partly because I was a little stunned that we'd not known this before, coupled with the fact that Emerson was flailing around like a crazy child in my lap...I had trouble understanding all 4 reasons that could cause something like this and honestly can't recall much of what he explained to me. The only two scenarios that I can some what recall him saying is that it could be because of a valve issue (that is supposed to close by the time they're 2 months old) or a chamber issue...I know that's very vague, but honestly that's all my mind can time I have 3 kids with me and I've been in the clinic for 2 hours I'll just have the Doctor write it all down because I know I won't beable to recall much of what they're telling me!! Anyway, to make a long story short, they came in and checked her pulse ox and that was good and strong so that was encouraging. Basically, he said we need to go to Children's Hospital and see a Pediatric Cardiologist to see what's causing her heart to be enlarged and the murmur. So, we'll be there one day next week, still haven't heard from the clinic to get that scheduled yet, but if you'll join us in praying for our sweet girl, I'd sure appreciate it!

She turned 2 months old on November 14th and I neglected to get this picture of her up on the blog. Isn't she such a doll?!! She's precious and we love her so! At her appointment today she weighed 11 lbs and 3 oz and is in the 50th percentile. She's begun staying alert a lot more, in the evenings from about 6:00-8:00 she's wide eyed and bushy tailed. And honestly, unless she's got a dirty diaper or is hungry, she's the most content, easy-going, laid back little one that I've ever had. She's been sleeping from about 11pm-4:45am regularly and sometimes evens sleeps til 6:00! She's just truly so easy and thankfully so, because Emerson's about to do me in! : ) We are so in love with her; Adam and I were thanking God for her last night and just COULD.NOT.IMAGINE life without her! We are blessed!!



  1. Courtney-
    Definitely will be praying for Ava Jane! And praying for peace for you as you wait for the appointment, answers, etc. I would LOVE it if you'd let the boys come over for a playdate when you take her in for her next appointment! Crosby would have so much fun with them. Please let me know if we could help out!

    That's a precious picture of her!

  2. Praying for your sweet girl! She's adorable!


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