Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Crazy, Wildman Emerson!

Ok, so yesterday I made mention of wildman Emerson…oh my goodness, I’m hoping its just a phase! My goodness, this little guy, whom I affectionately used to call “Easy-going Emerson” has turned into a crazy, wildman! And I mean that with all sincerity! When I say he’s into EVERYTHING, I mean this little boy is IN.TO.EVERYTHING! He’s literally turned into a Tasmanian Devil over the past few weeks. The child WILL.NOT stay out of the pantry, he routinely pulls out all our snacks and his recent favorite is the Nilla Wafers, they regularly go rolling around on the kitchen floor. I wish I had pictures to document every time he gets into things…just to prove how, pretty much every moment of the day, I’ve got to have my eye on him!

A couple weeks back he managed to get the lid off of Adam’s after shave bottle and proceeded to splash it all around the bathroom, all over himself, inside his little shoes…IT.WAS.EVERYWHERE! And even after several washes in the laundry and several bathes himself, we still were smelling the after shave!

The other day I was planting flowers in pots on the back deck…I got up to go inside and feed Ava Jane, only to come back and find Emerson having dumped out several pots of potting soil all over the hot tub lid…he was COVERED in black dirt and it was spread all over the deck…I had pictures, but somehow, in the midst of downloading them and going to get something for one of the boys, Emerson managed to cancel the download and somehow erase the said pictures….see what I mean?!! Lesson learned, I cannot leave the computer open in a spot that he can reach.

I do have pictures to document this next faux pas. He got under my sink in our bathroom and managed to throw a bottle of coral pink finger nail polish as hard as he could and naturally it burst into smither-ines and coral paint went all over the bathroom tile and walls…oh lovely…what a joy! After using 2 bottles of remover, we still have a tinge of coral paint in our grout…and of course it ruined his cute turkey appliqued shirt and gingham pants...oh stink!! I hate when perfectly good clothes get ruined beyond repair, that's super frustrating!

Sorry about that nastey runny nose...


Sitting on the tub step...while we tried to get him and his mess cleaned up...

Ahh...gotta love it...yet again I had to say my life matra over and over..."joy in the journey, joy in the journey!" He may be a stinker, but he sure is a cute stinker!!

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