Sunday, November 25, 2012

Playing with the boys

It was so fun to see the boys! Since I dropped them off with Donna on Wed, I've only seen them one time...oh how I miss them! Since all of them have had yucky noses and coughs we've not brought them up to see Ava Jane. And starting on the 28th the CVICU will be "closed" to kids due to flu season. So instead of coming up into the hospital, my parents brought them to play on the playground that's here. When I stepped out onto the patio and said "hey boys" my sweet Emerson came running. He is still so little and his whole routine has been turned upside down (as it has for all of us!) I love my sweet family and can't wait to get back to "normal"!

It was nice to get outside the four walls of her CVICU room and to get some fresh air. I enjoyed chasing Peyton while holding Lawson and getting to slide with Emerson was such fun.

Lawson didn't feel like smiling for the camera...and that's ok!

I miss my boys but am grateful that at such a time as this, when Ava Jane is so sick and needs constant care, that God has seen fit to, in His providence, have us back here in Little Rock, where we have two sets of very giving and available grandparents who've just been amazing! They've just taken the boys for us so that Adam and I can focus on Ava Jane and both be here to hear what the Doctors have to say each morning. Thank you Mom, Dad, Bill and Donna! Y'all are wonderful and such a HUGE blessing to me!


The boys miss their routine, they miss being at home, seeing Ava Jane, and just doing things as a family...though we're on a brief hiatus from all of our normal life...we hope to resume it all in the coming weeks.

We will hopefully know more about how this week might look once we talk to the Doctors later this morning. I will be sure to update with more then. Please continue praying for the RSV to pass quickly, she has a ton of mucus secretions and has run a low grade fever off and on, her coughs do seem to be getting a little more productive which is great! She's done terrific on the feeding tube, her breathing has slowed a lot and has been in the 50's and 60's as opposed to the 80's and 90's, which is a good thing. She LOVES sleeping on her belly so she's slept pretty well tonight, which means I have slept better too. I am waking every three hours to pump, so while I'm hooked up, I decided to write this post. Please continue praying, Adam and I feel your prayers for peace, its really remarkable! We see her taking teeny tiny steps toward improvement, and are so humbled and grateful at the out pouring we've received from everyone! We love you all!

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  1. I love these pictures. And I teared up when you said that Emerson ran to you. You are such a good Mom, Courtney! Praying that Ava Jane gets through RSV quickly and that she has a smooth, successful surgery!


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