Saturday, December 1, 2012

Saturday Morning Update

Well, last night was "uneventful" according to Ava Jane's nurse this morning when we came in to check on her. She did vagel many times throughout the night and has done so several times this morning since we've been here, but she's ok.

She has "bradied down" several times, but responds to oxygen, so that's good. They've been able to maintain the 40% oxygen pretty much, so that's a good sign too, they'd still like to wean her down from that though. Her temperature is now at 37.1 which is great! She's still off the BP meds so she's been able to maintain her own pretty well now for 24 hours. They are thinking of trying to do a feed sometime today so you can pray that when they do, it doesn't leak out into the chest cavity (this is called chyle effusion)...see I'm still learning things! It's a milky fluid consisting of lymph and emulsified fat extracted from chyme by the lacteals during digestion and is passed to the bloodstream through the thoracic duct...sometimes that can leak into the chest cavity and we will know this if it shows up in her chest tube, please pray that this doesn't happen and that it all goes smoothly. If it does, they'll have to stop the breat milk (which has a high fat content) and put her on a low fat formula, we're praying that doesn't happen. If all goes well, they may try to remove her chest tube tomorrow!

Now, for a little comic relief, you've all heard the saying, "Don't cry over spilled milk"...well my sister recently told me a funny line that a friend told her..."anyone who's ever said that, has NEVER had to pump!" And I totally concur!! Breastmilk is like liquid gold...and praise the Lord, it's flowing nicely now! I have quite the little stockpile for Ava Jane once everything gets back to normal! So truly, thanks so much for those who've been praying specifically for that for me! This is her little stockpile just from last 2 nights we've been home and this morning...I even ran out of the bottles so I just kept having to dump it into the baggie, PRAISE THE LORD!!


  1. Courtney, I found your blog through Carol Spenst's but recognize you and your family from church. We also go to Fellowship. I have yet to meet you personally, but I want you to know that my family and I have been faithfully and continuously praying for Ava Jane and your family. Kyle and I serve in the nursery (babies 6 mo - 1 year) at church, and I look forward to the day when you drop Ava Jane off and we're able to hug her and say, You don't know us, little one, but we know you and love you and have been praying for you fervently!

  2. Ash--court is an amazing woman! Y'all would LOVE each other!! Courtney--thanks for the updates! Still praying!


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