Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Weekend In Review

We had a busy weekend, but it was all really fun!

Friday night we went to our first outing with Arkansas Heart Hospital since Adam accepted the job. We enjoyed a beautiful evening out a Dickey Stephens park watching the Arkansas Travelers, eating hot dogs and burgers, popcorn and ice-cream. The kids had a great time and it was a lot of fun to reconnect with people we'd known as well as getting to know new folks.

Bright and early Saturday morning we attended the Walk for the Waiting, which was the first annual walk to raise money for kids who are currently in foster care or aging out of care here in the state of Arkansas, as well as to raise awareness of the need for foster and adoptive families. The hope is that there would be families lining up to adopt kids immediately into their homes so that there are no longer any waiting children in Arkansas. It was a wonderful morning of worship and praise as we celebrated what God is doing in the hearts and lives of people as we begin to have our hearts break for what breaks His! It was amazing to hear that the three organizations The Call, Project Zero and Immerse Arkansas raised almost three times as much as their goal, raising more then $220,000, how GREAT is our GOD?!!

We went straight from there to the boys t-ball games. Here's part of the cheering section!

Everybody needs a popsicle before 11:00 in the morning!

On our way home we decided to slide through the Greek Food Festival, the food never disappoints, it was delicious, and the boys had fun on the bouncey slide. Nothing like being at the Greek Food Festival and eating a good ole American hotdog! Hah!

Adam polished off 4 of these sausage links and I enjoyed my gyro with warm pitas and delicious hummus!

The boys thought the trolley and bouncy slide were super cool...

Later that afternoon we celebrated Adam's sister Grace's graduation with friends and family...finally got an updated group shot of our little family, thanks Bill!
I didn't take any pictures with Grace unfortunately, but we are proud of her and were happy to celebrate with her on this mile stone! Here is one of her senior pictures, isn't she beautiful?!!

Sunday was a fun day too, we went to church, then grabbed some lunch and the boys napped. That afternoon we headed off to a friends little boy's first birthday, it was such a cute theme, with red and turquoise sock monkeys. Christy, you out did yourself for sure! Happy Birthday sweet Will!!

The evening concluded with Psalm and Pascha's dance recital, it was really fun to watch. To see Pascha doing her shuffle step in her adorable Minnie Mouse costume was priceless! And seeing Psalm dance too was quite a treat! Girls you looked adorable!

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