Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Mother's Day Tea...Date Night...& Baby Dedication

Well I'm just a few days late in getting this posted, but better late then never! Friday was such a fun day because I got to spend a lot of it with Peyton. There was a Mother's Day Tea in his kindergarten class. The kids sang songs about their mother's and even painted portraits of us and we had to guess which one was ours, it was pretty cute! I enjoyed my tea with him!


Here's my portrait...Kind of interesting huh?! I asked him what I was wearing, and he said "it's your apron." Well, there you go...I don't have a rainbow apron, but it works I guess!? And how about those lips?!

Then that evening the school did a Mother/Son night. It was "Olympic" themed relay races and a pizza night. We had fun competing against each other. I asked him which station was his favorite and he said "the potato sack race". The whole night was really fun, he had a big time for sure, and the snow cone was the icing on the cake!

For Mother's Day I really got spoiled, I got new chair cushions and tons of plants for our back deck...its so beautiful and completely relaxing out there now. Thanks Adam and boys for helping me make a quiet retreat for our family out on the deck. I enjoyed our BBQ meal (courtesy of Whole Hog) and the wonderful surround sound that Adam had going out on the deck was really enjoyable! Thanks Honey!

On Sunday morning, we had the opportunity to dedicate Ava Jane to the Lord in the presence of many friends and family members. That little girl is our miracle baby, she is precious and quite the blessing. I was reminded this weekend as we were preparing to dedicate her, that her name, Ava, means "life" and God has certainly given her "life" over the last 6 months since her heart surgery. She is doing so have been in the 6-9% in development a month and a half ago and to have been diagnosed as "failure to thrive" weighing the same as most 2 month olds (at 6 months) we just feel like we have so much to thank God for and to praise Him for protecting and providing growth for her! We love this little one and can't imagine life without her!

Everybody was up on the stage with us, and I did have a little fear as to how that would go, but I have to say it went really well, the big boys did great! Adam held Emerson the entire time and after 15 minutes of holding a 30 pound kid, his bicep was burning out for sure! Hah!

We were able to spend time, later that day, with both my Mom and Adam's Mom, it was a fun day of celebrating the women who've meant so much to us, who've offered all that they have to us and who have sacrificed their own pleasure, desires and wants for their kids. Thanks Mom and Donna for being such wonderful examples of what a Mother is and should be! I love you!

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  1. Love all your posts! You always have the cutest clothes and your hair is always awesome ;)


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