Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Rain or Shine

This T-ball season has had lots of rained out practices and games. This past week both boys had t-ball games in the pouring down RAIN, not quite sure what ensures a "called" game, it definitely was not from the rain cause some of the teams just kept playing!

From the start it was quite the ordeal to get across the River to Burns Park, what should've taken 20 minutes ended up taking about 45 because of so many accidents on the interstate that completely jammed the roadways in and around Little Rock, we weren't sure if we'd even make it to the games by 6:00 or if the rain would hold off, I kept checking for email updates but the Park hadn't canceled the games so we continued our trek over there. We arrived and shortly thereafter it really started raining...I owe a big "thank you" to my Mom who happened to be over in North Little Rock showing some houses and was heading home when she called to see if I wanted her to take the two littlest friends (Emerson and Ava Jane) home with her to get them out of the rain. That was HUGE! They'd have never made it in the cold and rainy weather, thanks Mom!!

Peyton got to play only a few minutes before they "called" his game.

Lawson's team, the Diamondbacks, continued to play in the rain, and it happened to be Lawson's most favorite game. He paid attention, ran hard, threw far, and played so good...it was for sure his best game yet! Just in case you're wondering, no, he didn't have on a D-Backs shirt, poor thing, they didn't order enough team shirts so they put in another order and his still hasn't gotten in yet, oh, and he has to wear an adult size hat cause they didn't have enough kids sizes...doesn't matter to him, he's having a big time anyway! Aren't these little munchkins so cute!??

Oh how I love this little fella!

We have two games this week for both boys, so I'll get more action shots...we'll be out there lots over the next few months, so there will be plenty of opportunities for that!

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