Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Concert and Field Day

The last two days have been really fun, I've gotten to spend lots of time with Peyton at his school, which I don't often get to do.

Yesterday, Brian and Terry Kinder, of Kindermusik, came and did a Kindergarten concert, it was a blast for the kids. They have such great songs that really keep the kids engaged. They were entertaining and fun to watch.

Adam was able to come too...

Everybody was having a good time singing and dancing...catching the BIG teddy bear, large gecko and the gynormouse boucy world. The songs were educational and catchy, so the kids were able to sing along even if they didn't previously know the tunes.

After the concert each class had an awards ceremony, everyone received one, everything from "most camo wearer" to "most colorful clothing"'s the award Peyton received. We are so proud of how he has broken out of his shell and done so well this year in Kindergarten. We love you buddy!

Then today, I got to enjoy participating in Field Day. Anytime water is involved, kids always love it, and that was true for today as well! They got to do everything from water relays to tug a war, bubbles to face paintings...the kids really enjoyed not doing "school work"! I'm just constantly impressed at how great Roberts Elementary is, the parental involvement is amazing, the teachers are wonderful and the environment is really just so fun to be apart of! We're grateful to be in this school zone.

The wetter the better!


The boys got whooped at Tug of War...though they were quite out numbered by the girls...poor guys just couldn't stay standing, the grass was so wet and soggy they were all slip sliding around which made for a "bad" game of Tug of War, but a fun game of getting super dirty!

I sure do love this boy!

They were enamored by the bubbles!

And since we no longer have "Rush" (the hermit crab), Peyton decided to get a crab painted on his face.

I can hardly believe this Kindergarten year is almost over! Whew, its flown by so fast!

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