Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Just Keepin' It Real!

Here on Head Happenings I try real hard to be honest and open about my life and our goings on, so today I thought I'd just keep it really real! Yesterday was one of those days where I needed to "reclaim" our house. You know what its like, the pink scum was rearing its ugly head in all four of our toilets, several rooms had carpet stains that needed some attention, there were sticky cheerios and dried macaroni stuck to the floor under our kitchen table; basically, my house was just showing the neglect of three weeks without being cleaned. And truly its amazing how quickly the laundry piles up, especially with three little boys who enjoy getting dirty so much, and being out at the ball park at least twice a week guarantees that there were will be lots of dirty, dusty clothes!!

And here's my pile of laundry that needed to be folded.

Then there was the ever so needed, but oh so hated task of switching out all four of the kids closets. Trying to do the big switcharoo from winter to summer is quite the task especially with all my little "helpers" wanting to try on their "new" clothes and shoes. The one positive is that it is really nice that I have lots of tote boxes filled with clothes that can be passed down to both Lawson and Emerson that were first Peyton's. Peyton did notice how many pairs of shoes that Lawson has in his shoe basket and asked if he could get some more shoes too! I will definitely have to add to his wardrobe, he's quickly out growing things, but it's nice that I can pretty much just buy stuff for Peyton and Ava Jane that coordinates since I have things for Lawson and Emerson that were matching from when Peyton and Lawson first wore them. I love having the kids matching or at least coordinating colors whenever possible. More then just being cute, its also really practical for when we're out and about, all I have to do is look for three of the same outfit, it makes it super easy to spot my kids on the playground, which is great when you have kids like mine that like to dart in and out of places!

Oh how great the house feels when its clean though! And to look into each of the kids organized closets, makes me feel quite accomplished! So for today, this was part of the "ugly" in the phrase, "the good, the bad and the ugly!" And while I was hard at work, Lawson enjoyed taking his own pictures! He absolutely LOVES to take pictures with my phone, its one of his most favorite things to do!

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