Wednesday, May 8, 2013

BLOOM: Time with Sweet Friends

This past year I had the priviledge of joining a wonderful Bible study group, it's called BLOOM (Building A Legacy Out Of Motherhood-is what it stands for). These women have been so much fun to get to know, it's been one of those very edifying and encouraging groups to be apart of. To say it's been an "iron sharpening iron" type of group would describe it beautifully! As we met each Tuesday morning and discussed everything from our marriages, to kids and discipline, we've shared honestly and openly and helped one another realize more and more of what God is trying to teach us and do through us in these areas of our lives. Most of these girls have been together for several years, but they embraced me whole heartedly and made me feel apart of things from the very start.

The year wrapped up over a month ago with a very tasty brunch, here's a small picture of what a room full of 200 plus women looks like.

BLOOM has truly been an encouragement in my life, if you're in the Little Rock area and you're looking for an outlet for encouragement on how to build a godly legacy into your children, please consider checking out Fellowship's Women's ministry and signing up, registration will begin this summer. I promise you won't be disappointed! In the hard moments of motherhood when I've wracked my brain for ideas, or when I've been at my wits end on what to do to teach a child God's word and what godly behavior looks like, the leaders and the girls from this group have offered godly advice and suggestions that have been so pertinent and timely.

I love these women and have missed being with them the past few weeks. One of our leaders, Harriet, hosted a dinner in her home a couple nights ago and we were treated to a delicious meal served on her fine china. Harriet, thanks again for your kind hospitality, it was so much fun!

Unfortunately the dinner was a farewell for two girls from our group, one I've known for many years and the other I've just gotten to know this past year. With both, I'm sad to see them move away, but look forward to watching what God is going to write in this next chapter for them, as He has assuredly orchestrated their next steps!

Ladies, I enjoyed this past year together so much! Each of you is a blessing and I'm so grateful God brought each of you into my life at such a time as this!

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