Monday, May 6, 2013

Weekend In Review: Birds, a Bald Spot and a Birthday Party!

This weekend was just low key and honestly it was such a nice reprieve. Friday we simply ate pizza and watched movies and get this, Emerson DID NOT throw up this time. For the past several months every time we eat pizza he throws up, not this time! Whoohoo!! Also, thanks to a good friends suggestion, we started reading a chapter book to the older boys, we started with Stuart Little, and they LOVED it! One chapter wasn't enough, they wanted to keep going but it was too late...we'll be reading more later, for sure!

Saturday, before the sprinkles of rain started, we got out and did some weed pulling, mowing, edging and blowing...well at least Adam did...I did pull some weeds and trimmed some hedges but mostly wrangled the kids and snuck some peeks at these cute little Robin Red Breasts that have finally hatched in our back yard. The Mama and Daddy have been taking turns feeding them worms and sitting on the nest to keep them warm...its been fun to watch this little family out our breakfast room window.

Took me a while to get a picture of the babies, I think there are four in there, can't quite tell, might be 5! I finally got a picture, sorry its blurry, I was trying to hurry before the Mama bird came back!

I took the boys to get haircuts and got more then I bargained for. All three boys were going at the same time so I was rotating around trying to get them to "hold still" or "look up"...when Tracy called me over to Emerson and said "he's got something on his head." I went over to see and she showed me this huge, red goose egg on the back of his head with all the hair gone. Now that was totally surprising cause I'd not seen it before nor had he complained about his head hurting. She said, I don't want to diagnose him, but it could be alapecia, which is a hair loss disease. But before I went down that train of thought I remembered one of my sons MOST FAVORITE THINGS TO DO....BANG! He loves to bang against his bed, he used to bang back and forth in his highchair...and it happens to be right on the back of his head, so I'm thinking this bump and the bald spot are from that. So, starting last night, we are spanking every time we hear him banging in there! Hopefully the bump will go away and the hair will grow back quickly!

Saturday evening we played several rounds of Headbanz and Candy Land. That was really fun. Adam and I popped some popcorn and watched the latest Indiana Jones movie...I did what I have inevitably started doing...which was fall asleep on the sofa. I woke up not feeling well and told Adam I might need a trash can beside the bed....not more then 20 minutes later I was heaving up my incredibly's hoping no one else gets it!

Sunday morning Adam dressed all the boys and took them with him to church, Ava Jane napped in her room while I laid on the sofa reading another book that my friend suggested, "The Mission of Motherhood". It is challenging and inspiring, I can tell I'm gonna love it!

They all came back for lunch and Adam did a quick workout while I fixed sandwiches for the kids. Then Adam decided he wanted to have leftover he was heating it up he said, "I'm kind of nauseated, but I can't tell if its from working out or not..." then I proceeded to watch him HAMMER a serving bowl size amount of chili, to which I said "REALLY, you're nauseated?" Don't think if I felt nauseated I'd be hammering down a gy-normouse bowl of that!

Then that evening we enjoyed Whitney's 27th birthday celebration; we had fun celebrating her! The kids enjoyed running around like crazy people while the adults enjoyed conversations! We are grateful to be able to celebrate with you, Whit, and look forward to what God has in store for you in this next year! Love you Sister, hope today (your official birthday) is a special one!

All her adoring fans singing a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday!

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