Monday, February 27, 2017

Trip to the Buffalo

For the past few winters, the guys in our small group from church have tried to get away and head to the Buffalo River for some quality down time together.  As they began trying to find a weekend that worked for everyone, they literally couldn't find one that worked from February to June.  So, unfortunately, not all the guys could make it this year, with work responsibilities and unforeseen  illness, so the group was much smaller this year.

Past Buffalo River trips 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013

And while the guys were away the women and children played.  Why eat dinner alone when we could eat all together?  Life's a party anyway, right?  What's another 14 more kids?  We threw a table cloth on the floor and had a taco picnic.  Everything's better with friends and cheese dip!
It's also a little more fun without all the children, so on Friday night, we each got sitters so we could enjoy some delicious sushi from Oceans and some uninterrupted conversations with each other.
I'm grateful for these women, for their friendship and encouragement!  Life is so much better with friends!  After dinner, several of us went to watch Hidden Figures, which I'd really been wanting to see and it was fabulous!  Loved the story of those three women who had tenacity, drive and so much strength!  I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and am so thankful that things like separate water fountains,  restrooms and places on the bus, are no longer a thing.  We, as a people, have made some progress but have some much further to go.  I highly recommend this one!

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