Monday, March 6, 2017

A Glow in the Dark - 8th Birthday Party

We celebrated Lawson's 8th birthday this past weekend.  When we started talking about birthday party venues and ideas Lawson was adamant that all he wanted to do was have a dance party.   You see, each weekend, we usually end up with a family dance-off in our playroom, where he's perfected his moves like the worm and some break dancing.  However, I didn't really know how to pull it off as an entire party for seven and eight year olds so I went to Pinterest for some ideas and decided a glow in the dark party could be fun.  I ran the idea by Lawson and he thought it sounded "awesome"!  So I set about purchasing things that glow!

I found these cute invitations off of Etsy.
After scouring the internet for glow sticks, necklaces, glasses, rings, hats and boas that were either fluorescent or glow in the dark, I was shocked to see how many options were really out there.  Here's what I ended up finding for all the kids to glow with.  Along with several black lights and a strobe light, I found some fun fiber optic centerpieces for the tables that were pretty awesome too.
We started the night with pizza and cake in our kitchen.
After singing Happy Birthday, we had the kids go in groups of 4-5 to get "glowed out" in our dining room where we'd moved out all our dining room furniture, to make space for a dance floor.  Adam was the DJ and I must say he did a fantastic job!  He'd worked for a couple weeks on getting a kid friendly mix of music that played a lot of the sound track from Trolls.   I think everyone had a really fun time.
They all had some pretty cool moves.
Mom, Dad and Whitney helped us maintain the controlled chaos of the twenty five kids and I must say, we had a pretty good time doing it!
These girls enjoyed making glow stick chains out of all the necklaces and bracelets.
We played Limbo and the kids even made a circle and tried their hand at break dancing which was pretty cute to watch.   Mostly, they jumped and bounced around for a good hour and a half, having a great time and wearing themselves out.  (Notice Adam in his fluorescent hat and glow necklace, he thoroughly enjoyed helping with this party.)
According to Lawson it was "the best birthday ever"!  I'm glad he had fun, I certainly enjoyed planning it!   Happy birthday sweet boy!  We loved celebrating with you this weekend!  Dad and I love you so much and are enjoying watching you grow and develop into a kind young boy, we are proud of you and are so grateful God put you in our family!!

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