Friday, February 24, 2017

End of a Season

For the past nine weekends we have had our Saturday's a bit high-jacked by basketball. With three boys playing, it meant most of our Saturday's were spent cheering on the Kangaroo's, the Thundering Herd or the Warriors.   Somehow, Emerson's team, the Kangaroo's, got really "lucky" and had all but one game start at 8:00 in the morning.  Let me just say, that is so.super.early! Adam coached both Emerson and Lawson's teams and we enjoyed watching the boys learn and grow individually while also learning to work together as a team.

This was Emerson's first year to play basketball.  He didn't seem totally enamored with the game, but just running up and down the court with his hands up seemed like a lot of fun to him.   This guy melts my heart.
He sure makes me smile!
This was Lawson's third year to play Upward basketball.  He enjoyed playing with his friends Chandler and Cole; they played really well together each week. Lawson seems to have a lot of natural athletic ability and we enjoyed cheering him on all season long.  Each week we'd make a human tunnel and cheer each team out onto the court, he definitely enjoyed playing this season!
These cute girls enjoyed playing and snacking together during the games!  Oh how we love sweet London Kate!
Peyton, continues to hone his b-ball skills. It's his favorite sport right now and one that he is quite aggressive with.  He dribbles well with both his left and right hands and easily brings the ball down the court to either side, where a lot of kids his age tend to dribble down with just the right hand and then get trapped over in the right corner almost every play.   He still is perfecting his shots, trying to get more consistent when he shoots, but Adam and I were very impressed with how aggressive he was, how confident he played and even though his team didn't win one game all season long, he never got a bad attitude, he just played as hard as he could. We look forward to watching him in the future!
These three kiddos chased each other around during most of Peyton's games and enjoyed quite a bit of popcorn and many a ring pops.

So, here's to the end of a  season...tomorrow, I'll enjoy sleeping in a little!

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