Sunday, February 5, 2017

Ski Trip 2017: Part 2

On our last day in Breckenridge we decided to go walk around and see the International Ice Sculpture contest that was taking place.  It.was.AMAZING!  Poor Dad, kindly dropped all of us off and then proceeded to try and find a parking spot to no avail!  The rest of us were able to see the awesome creativity and enjoyed seeing the keen attention to detail in each and every sculpture.
downtown Breckenridge
This rectangular block of ice is how each one of the sculptures start out.
Then it turns into these unbelievable works of art!
This Iguana in the hand was my favorite!  I couldn't believe the intricate detail!
After seeing all the beautifully shaped ice, we loaded back into the car and headed for our tubing reservation at Keystone.  The views were again so majestic.
Upon our arrival it took us quite a while to find a parking spot.  Once again, it was G-Dad to the rescue, as he let us out and drove around for some thirty plus minutes looking for a parking spot (note to self, next time, make an earlier reservation for tubing and maybe try not to do it on a SATURDAY!) 

We had a lot of fun tubing, I'd highly recommend it!
This whole trip was fun for everyone but like everyday life, it was full of unexpected twists and turns and of course the regular fare as well, but we made lots of memories and for those I'm so very grateful.  The twists included a re-routed and delayed flight, sitting in the small Amarillo airport for a few unexpected hours; there was whining and a wet seat (from a child's accident on flight---and of course I'd not packed any extra changes of clothes).  There was the carrying of all sizes of skies, boots, helmets and poles; there was lots of snowy goodness on a chilly 2 degree day; the misplaced debit card, getting "stuck" in the snowy driveway and having to push the van out to the street, then we wrapped up this trip with a "wonderful" lady who we had the "pleasure" of speaking with in the Little Rock airport when we landed.  As we waited for a couple of people from our group to come out of the bathroom, this woman says, "Oh my, its like a tornado of children"...they were all standing fairly close to us and not really making much noise.  I wanted to shout at her and say, "if you want to see a tornado, you should've been on our plane with the screaming, crying, whailing child who literally cried from tarmac to tarmac"...but I restrained myself.  This elderly woman sitting at the gate who overheard this lovely encounter came up to me and said "if she thinks this is a tornado, she must never have had children!"   We exchanged niceties then headed toward baggage claim.  All in all, I do believe this will become a regular family trip.  Breckenridge, you did not disappoint!

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