Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Time With Friends

This past weekend all the guys in our D-Group did their annual Winter float trip and camping at the Buffalo…which has actually turned into staying in a cabin, since it does tend to be FREEZING in January. More then once, us wives have questioned why they choose this time of year to go, but they insist that its fun, certainly "manly" and a great time to get away. From what I've heard, it was a fun time though the last several miles of the 10 mile float was in the rain…but no need to worry, they were all prepped and ready with their rain gear! There are 2 guys who are or have been in the military as well as an Eagle Scout in this crew, so "always be prepared" isn't just a motto but a lifestyle!
photo 1-5

Here's most of them, one of the guys sacrificed for the photo-op…we'll have to have them work on their self-timer photo's for group shots!

And of course while the boys were away us Momma's and kids had to play. So Friday night we all converged here at my house for pizza and a movie. There's no other way to say it, it was pretty much chaos. We successfully scarfed down almost all 5 pizzas and cheesy bread in no time flat and I vividly remember asking the Moms, "is it too early to put on a movie?" To which the answer was an emphatic, "NO!" So while the kids watched "Planes" we mostly got to visit, with of course all the babies to keep us distracted and a few kids to create the inevitable broken conversation. But it was a much better option doing it all together rather then doing the same thing all alone!

Then of course Saturday night we all got sitters and had a fun evening out on the town.

We met up at 6 and could've kept talking late into the night, unfortunately the cost of sitters adds up so we headed home about 10, but not before we enjoyed a delicious chocolate sack that looked something like this. You can check out Carol's take on the weekend and a picture of the the real one here.
Chocolate "Sack"

I'm so thankful that Adam has such great guys to live life along side, but its even more of a blessing that all of us wives really connect too. What a treat to have such wonderful community, we are truly blessed!

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