Monday, March 21, 2016

Time with Friends

In our community group, each year, we take guys and girls trips.  This past weekend was the guys chance to get out of town and hang out together.  But when the boys are away the girls (and the kids) play too, cause why do life separately when we could do it all together?!

The guys left town on Friday afternoon packed up with all kinds of "manly" food that consisted of beans, brats and plenty of beer.  They headed to the Buffalo River and stayed in a cabin near Snowball, AR.  When they arrived, there was some manual labor to do--moving rocks and wood piles, but there was some hiking and exploration as well as shooting of hand guns.  From what I've heard it sounds like there was some good conversation around the fire too...I'm pretty sure they had a good time being all together.  I am  thankful Adam has such great friends who encourage him while also just being great friends to share funny stories and laugh with.




They found this old dilapidated home on their hike.  And also found an elks hoof (which I thought was super gross) but Adam obviously thought it was pretty interesting.



While the guys did their thing, a couple of us got together for pizza and brownies on Friday night. The kids watched a movie while us Momma's visited.

Saturday morning Whitney and I wanted to take the kids up to Wye Mountain to take pictures with the daffodils (pictures of this will be in my next blog post.)  When she got here, we started loading the kids in the car only to find out that my battery was dead.  So she got in the driver seat and put it in neutral while I pushed it out of the garage.  Next up we jumped off the car and waited for it to charge a bit.  Of course this happens when Adam is the good thing is, I knew how to do it and we were up and going in no time.

And my "just in case"--filled with jumper cables and other car necessities--came in quite handy!!

That afternoon we met up with friends again and did the SEC women's gymnastics championship.  It was fun to watch the Gym-backs do their thing on the vault, beam, floor and uneven bars.  The kids were not as into it as I'd have hoped...they preferred running around the chairs and hanging on the hand rails to actually watching the meet.  However, the popcorn and sodas helped keep them occupied and we made it almost through two hours of the first seeds meet.  When it drew to a close, I was glad to walk back to the car and strap my people into their carseats.



These kiddos are such cuties.



Life is just so much better with friends!

That evening we all got sitters and went to Bonefish for a tasty dinner that was prepped, made and cleaned up by someone else...a big score all the way around!  I truly enjoy being with these women and am thankful for each of them.


We couldn't come to Bonefish without ordering some Bang Bang Shrimp!   They were so yummy!
Bang Bang Shrimps

Friends make life so much sweeter.  I truly feel blessed to have such great ladies in my life who help make the hard times bearable and the happy times more fun!

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