Friday, February 17, 2017

Valentine's Day 2017

Valentine's Day was filled with hugs and kisses and lots of sugary goodness this year. For me, I was hopping from one party to the next which had me in a complete flop sweat by the time I carried all the items for each class party along with grocery and toiletry items for the 4th grade service project into the school in the POURING RAIN! Although it was a lot of "partying" I'm thankful to have the opportunity to be there with my kiddos.

It started with a pancake breakfast with the 4th grade.  The room moms did a great job of providing a fun breakfast for the kids inspite of the electric griddles that kept shorting out.  One mom eventually had to cook in the hallway, but they got 'er done and the kids enjoyed it so much!
Pancake. / 原味鬆餅。
After that I headed over to the teacher workroom where I was helping to set up and host the teacher appreciation luncheon for that day. Once a few other moms arrived, I slipped out for a bit to be in Emerson and Ava Jane's rooms.


Ava Jane's class played a fun game of color BINGO; those three and four year olds are all adorable!

Next up was second grade. Lawson's class had a bunch of fun activities, there was a cute Valentine's Mad Gab type short story that was at one station, BINGO at another, a fun dice game at another and the most adorable picture and frame station to top off all the cuteness! One of Lawson's Valentine's day cards had a sticky spider as it's "gift"...this funny dude asked me to take this picture.

Then, of course, I had him strike a more "normal" pose.

That evening we did an early bath so that we could do dinner and then curl up as a family and watch a movie before bedtime. The kids loved it and so did I....although I didn't make it through the entire movie.


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