Sunday, March 22, 2015

Guys Weekend Equals A Pizza Party And A GNO

The guys in our D Group from church do a yearly weekend away where they drive up to Silver Hill, AR and spend time floating the Buffalo, grilling out and just spending quality time together. As a wife, I'm so thankful that my husband has men in his life who are all trying to follow hard after God, to love their spouses and families well and who all try to be positive influences in their workplace. I 'm so grateful for the fact that iron sharpens iron and for the impact that each one of these friends has had on Adam.

So they left town mid afternoon on Friday and I think it's safe to say each one of them was more then ready to "get out of dodge". The first night they grilled out and made a bon fire.

While they were grilling out and doing all sorts of manly things, us wives were keeping the children at bay. There were twenty-one kids, nineteen of which were six or younger. To say it was crazy loud at times is a slight understatement. They had fun chowing down on the pizza, throwing chair cushions off the deck, jumping in the bounce house and watching Peter Pan. To give you an idea of how "relaxing" it was for us Momma's, I was the only one who sat down the entire two and a half hours we were there (but that was just to feed some baby food to sweet baby boy).  We just stood around in the kitchen visiting, eating our pizza and responding to potty needs, dessert requests and a few cries for help. Why do life alone when you can do crazy together?  Togetherness makes life fun and bearable for sure. Thanks Carol for hosting all of us!


Saturday morning the guys headed to the canoe rental.  I think that Montie, the owner of the rental shop, thought they were crazy when Adam told him they were wanting to do twenty-one miles in ONE day.  Montie was pretty hesitant saying that they'd probably need to just call them to come get all the guys and the three canoes whenever it got close to 5:30, meaning he didn't really think it was feasible to do that long of a trip all in one day.  Well, I'm here to tell you that Adam and the guys (even with stopping for potty breaks, a thirty minute lunch and for one wild man to take the plunge into the frigid waters) they still made it in record timing.  They ended up calling Montie to come get them at 2:00 in the afternoon, meaning they paddled twenty-one miles in five hours, they must've been hauling down the river!!



I must say, this is how a true photographer gets a group shot.

This man took the challenge to do the rope swing and landed in the freezing water.  In his own words (according to the video I saw) "that was foolish"…foolish but a memory maker for sure!!

Again, as Adam told me about some of the weekend and I saw some of these pictures, I was yet again filled with gratitude that he has such great friends, and the fact that all of them and all of us wives get along so well is truly a gift, a total blessing from the Lord!

Some of us ladies were able to get sitters and enjoyed a fun Girl Night Out.  We ate a delicious dinner from Local Lime, shopped around in the Promenade and topped it all off with a fun truffle and latte from Cafe Brunelle.  I too am encouraged by each one of these women and am grateful for uninterrupted times like these to share and just enjoy each others company.  Ladies-I love you and am thankful to live life along side each of you.

Here's the link to their trip last year (2014) for some reason I can't find 2013, boo!

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