Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Spring Time, It's Here!

I had never been to Garvan Gardens in the Spring time until today.  We've done the Christmas lights the past several years, but I'd never seen all the beautiful tulips that its famous for, so my Mom, sister and I decided to take the kids and check it out.   I was truly in awe of all the beautiful colors and different types of tulips that were there.  When we first arrived we got to meet George, the gorgeous peacock, who strutted around and gracefully turned back and forth for all of the guests to see his magnificence.





Oh look at these cuties.  I'm so glad they've learned to humor me by sitting still and flashing me a quick smile.

We ran into my good friend Carol and her four kiddos.  They all loved crawling around the caves and into and out of the rocks.


She's truly my mini-me with all her funny facial expressions.



My four crazies....

They all liked walking on the walls and checking out almost every trail that we came across.  The weather was perfect, with mild temperatures and all the cloud coverage, it actually made for a really enjoyable trip.  (When we left Little Rock I was concerned that we might get sprinkled on or blown away with the wind, it turned out to be perfect!)

My sweet girl was extra cuddly in this picture since she'd just fallen and scraped her knee pretty good.

These two lovies have my whole heart!  I love them so much!!

Four generations of McLellan girls...I am so thankful for these ladies.  I love you both!!


Lawson's legs got tired from walking all over the garden, so Lachlan shared his stroller while Peyton graciously pushed him.  I loved this picture of brotherly love that I just happened to catch.  I'm glad they're such good friends, even when they argue and fight and drive each other (and me) crazy at times.  I have thoroughly enjoyed having the kids home with me this week and look forward to making more memories over the next few days.

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