Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Little Rockers Marathon 2016

Peyton enjoys running, and in particular, with Adam so when it came time for the Little Rockers Marathon this year, he was excited but only because Adam said he would run it with him this time. Last year we were out of town and my parents were keeping the kids.   It was cold and sleeting the day of the race last year and he had trouble putting his eyes on my parents once he finished the race. Needless to say both of them were anxious to see one another since there was a sea of people everywhere they looked!  So he was NOT excited to do this race again, unless Adam went with him.  I think between the beautiful sunny weather, having a companion to run with and a crowd of cheering fans cheering him on, we redeemed any bad feelings toward races that he might have had!

Here's my marathon runner at the beginning of the race.

And we couldn't pass on a photo op with Batman.

My Dad and I dropped Peyton and Adam off at the starting line then went to find a spot with the other kiddos where we could watch them cross the finish line.

In my hurry to get out the door I packed all the "essentials" like goldfish, apple sauce squeezers, drinks and even some sunscreen.  I neglected, however, to remember any toys or electronics for them to play with while we waited!  (I even accidentally walked out the door without my cel phone!)  So the kids quickly befriended our neighbors sitting beside us, thankfully they had several devices and extra coloring books to share.   It takes a village!

And this stroller sat empty most of the time, it served as a snack holder and a place for her monkey to "rest"...faced down at that.

We got to see the Chick Fil A cows cheer the kids into the finish line.

Peyton did awesome on his run!  Toward the very end he started to get tired but with Daddy's encouragement and then hearing his Gigi and Aunt Whitney cheering him on, he perked up and continued running on in, he never walked or stopped!  We're so proud of you buddy!!  Way to go!



My two runners did great and had a lot of fun too!

Here was his cheering fans section.  It was a beautiful day for the race with perfect temps and a clear blue sky!  I'm so glad that we redeemed the Little Rockers Marathon in his mind.  We'll probably be back next year.

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