Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Lawson's 7th Birthday

I can hardly believe that Lawson turned seven years old this morning. Honestly it seems like the years have gone by so quickly, but when I started looking back at pictures from when he was a baby, it feels like forever ago since I held him.

I sure loved this little cutie pie!

Lawson James loves to clown around, being a jokester is just in his genes. I think it's ironic that he picked up this photo booth prop, he is "trouble" (in the best sense of the word).  For instance, he loves to ride his bike hard, and when he gets on a Ziggle (which is an awesome riding toy) he likes to pretend to wreck it and go flying off of it and into the nearest neighbors grassy yard.  He may be trouble, but he's the cutest picture of trouble I have ever seen!!

It's wild to think that he is more then half way through first grade.  That he's reading well, writing paragraphs and memorizing math facts.  He is a smart little dude who leans more toward anything in life that is fun.  He enjoys laughing and acting "crazy", we laugh a whole lot because of this sweet boy.  Goofing off is his claim to fame, silliness is his native tongue.  Lawson enjoys giving out hugs as well as regularly saying he loves me and I will not ever get tired of those sweet little arms wrapping around my waist almost every day.  He loves to wrestle with Adam too; its his most favorite thing to do each evening.  For him, the day would end tragically if he weren't able to get down on the carpet and have it out with Daddy in the playroom.

Lawson is getting more and more comfortable with praying out loud and he is continuing to memorize God's word and is starting to be able to recall specific verses during difficult moments of conflict with one of his siblings, or when something gets under his skin and irritates him or when someone poses a question that he knows the answer to based on God's word.  Adam and I love discipling our kids and getting to see the "lightbulbs come on" for them in their understanding of God.  We are so proud of Lawson James, and can't wait to see what this next year holds for him.  Happy Birthday little buddy, we love you with all our hearts!

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