Friday, March 18, 2016

End of a Season

This past winter, Adam coached both Peyton and Lawson's Upward basketball teams.  Monday night was back to back practices for both the Tigers and Falcon teams.  The boys both loved playing and actually did pretty really well this year.  Peyton was actually able to get aggressive this season I think mostly due to the fact that he's getting more comfortable and proficient at the game.  He's grown in his self confidence and ability to drive down the court to the goal and make the basket with some regularity.  He had several opportunities to shoot free throw shots and made some of them and was really starting to get the hang of screen plays by the time the season drew to a close.  Adam and I were very proud of how hard he practiced and how he always gave it his all...with a bright red face at the end of each game that proved it.  Whether he was dribbling down the court or going after a ball, he really played tough!




And this shot of his went "swoosh"!


Lawson had fun this season too.  He got really comfortable dribbling up and down the court and even made multiple baskets throughout the games.   He too, played very hard and was on the floor a lot. Between the dusty gym floor creating a slick court to play on or whether he was just diving for balls, he spent a fair amount of time on the hardwoods giving it all he had most games.



There was no dunking, but there was a lot of fun had by the players and the Mommas who were cheering on their boys!



Several of Lawson's little buddies were on the team which made it fun for the boys and the parents!

Adam and I are glad for the opportunity to expose our kids to many different sports that allow them to play and practice hard but also help them to have fun while doing it and not take it too seriously.  I say this every season, sometimes I wish that basketball lasted a few more weeks because it seems that just as the boys are beginning to mesh together as a team, the season draws to an end.  Tigers and Falcons, you both played hard!  Way to go boys!

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