Sunday, March 27, 2016

Spring Break: Memphis Trip Part 1

This is the second year that most of our D Group has gotten together with our all of our families to do something fun over Spring Break.  Last year we went to Branson for several days which was really fun, this year we decided to go to Memphis and stay at Big Cypress at the Pyramid. Two families drove up with us on Thursday and we met up with another family who currently lives in Memphis. The other families drove up Friday to join us at the zoo.

On our way into town we decided to grab lunch at a favorite local place, Central BBQ.  Since Memphis is known for its barbecue, I must say, the pulled pork sandwich was really good!
Central BBQ

Central BBQ

After lunch we headed to one of my favorite shops in Memphis, Sweet Noshings.  I'm a popcorn fiend so all the delicious flavors make my taste buds happy and put a smile on my face; the kids thoroughly enjoyed picking out lots of sugary goodness too, so it was a win all around.




In the ten minutes or so ride from the candy shop to Big Cypress, one of our three bags of popcorn was devoured almost instantly.  The cheddar popcorn is always a hit!

Upon our arrival, this is what we saw.  
Bass Pro Shops At The Pyramid


Bass Pro Shops At The Pyramid

We checked into our rooms and were impressed to find such rustically lavish accommodations.  The attention to detail was impeccable.  Everything was so well done.

Bass Pro Shops At The Pyramid

They left these tiny duckies along with some night time cookies to snack on when they came to turn down our sheets.


In the center of Bass Pro Shop is the tallest free standing elevator in America.  It takes you to the top of the Pyramid to the viewing deck where a spectacular view of Mud Island and downtown Memphis awaited us.
Bass Pro Shops At The Pyramid

There is a bar/restaurant at the top of the elevator, of which we did not partake with our peeps in tow, so we spent most of our time corralling the run away kiddos out on the viewing decks.
The Lookout at the Pyramid (Memphis, TN)

When we were up on the decks it seemed fairly good size, but from this angle it looks so tiny.
Bass Pro Shops at the Pyramid Grand Opening - April 29, 2015




It was crazy windy up there and pretty chilly too.

We walked around Bass Pro Shop--shopping and killing time until our reservation that evening.

The kids loved playing Duck Dynasty's video game while we waited.



Here were all our sweet kiddos waiting for the elevator down to our dinner reservation and fish "bowling" adventure.

When we arrived at the restaurant, to our dismay, we found out that "they don't take reservations" and therefore didn't have our table ready, as we had been promised by another employee.  So with our eight adults and thirteen kids, getting a table for twenty-one took quite a long time.  The kids.were.starving and us parents were less then thrilled with the situation.  We did however get a private room all to ourselves, a large private room which did help make up for our "lost reservation" so we let the kids run laps around the tables while we visited and celebrated Carol's birthday with cupcakes and singing.

Because of how bad the evening went down, we didn't get our bowling lanes until close to 8:00 pm which by that time our kids were D.O.N.E. as were the parents.  Our boys were bummed to not get to bowl, but we attempted to make up for it by doing an Easter egg hunt in the third floor lobby.  So the Mommas went upstairs to get the kids ready for bed while the Dads hid the pre stuffed, two hundred plus Easter eggs.
Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 10.15.14 PM









We told the kids on the front end, that they could NOT eat any of the candy that night but would have to wait for Friday.  By the end of the hunt, we were all on the verge of exhaustion so we called it a night and took it to our rooms.  I had such fun spending the day with these ladies and their families.  Our first day in Memphis was a hit for the kids and that's what mattered.  In the chaos of the not so funny moments, we will all always look back on our dining experience at Uncle Bucks Fishbowl and Grill as an epically bad one that we won't ever soon repeat but Bass Pro Shop and Big Cypress was a hit that we thoroughly enjoyed!

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