Monday, August 12, 2013

Weekend In Review

Here's the High's and Low's from this past weekend:

High: I got to go to my workout class on Friday and was able to do almost all of our boot camp circuit routine. I say "almost" because we were supposed to run from each station to the next, and I DID do that the first few rounds, but toward the end I would call it more of a "slow gate" from one station to the next! Though a friend of mine, who was doing the circuits with me, who mind you, had just gotten over strep throat, kicked my bootie most of the time! (Though the numbers look small, try doing this routine 4 times each, running in between the sets, while doing many, many arm reps with weights--hammer, bicep curls, lawn mowers, tricep kick backs, etc), OH and then repeat it all!

Low: I almost didn't get to go to class because Adam's car had to go into the shop. We have this running joke between he and I, because he is good at a lot of things, but not real adept at doing his own car maintenance, and our joke/funny moments include Adam trying to sound like he knows something about car maintenance (if you know him at all you know he's quick on his feet and can always say something that honestly sounds good, but is COMPLETELY wrong!) So he's made up several terminologies like the following that keep us laughing, he regularly says: "it could be your connorton valve", "the phrompain" or "your thermo-modulator going out", he is quite creative and it usually makes me laugh to hear him say these things in his loudest, most red-neck accent. Unfortunately the low for us on Friday was finding out that there was something wrong with his transmission and his shocks that needed to be fixed, that'll put a pretty dent in our savings account!

High: Friday night we got Adam from work, picked up a pizza and spent a couple hours at the pool. The boys had a blast swimming with Adam and being thrown by him. Emerson got to experience the slide for the first time, he LOVED sitting in Adam's lap and sliding into the water. This was the best group shot we could get, unfortunately it even included the backside of some child we do not know!

Low: Having to keep the boys out of the water during "adult swim" for a full 10 minutes each hour. I usually bring snacks but didn't that evening, and it was like pulling out my eyeballs to keep them out of the water. Adam was a little frustrated because HE, as an adult, got into the water and was sitting in the 1 foot deep water near the mushroom waterfall, playing with Emerson, and the lifeguard came and told him that the kids needed to be completely out of the water. WHAT? This is adult swim...what adult is going to "swim" in the 1 foot of water? Really? What is the hurt in letting them splash in the baby pool, while an adult is right there?

High: Going on a date with my honey! I enjoyed my frozen fruity peach schnapps drink as well as my ENTIRE meal...I am a sucker for some crab legs! We then ran some errands, and enjoyed a movie on the couch! Thanks Audrey for being a FABULOUS sitter, what a treat when a Mama comes home and the toys are all picked up and dishes are washed! AHHHHH!

Low:Realizing that I'd forgotten to take Ava Jane's 10 month picture on time. I guess I'm doing ok if its not yet time for her 11 month picture though! I hate that this first one is blurry cause she is so cute in it!

High: Having the priviledge to watch and listen to all of my kiddos having a blast while playing together!

Low: Having to help clean up the toilet paper mess!

All in all it was a great weekend, we wrapped it up with training to teach Emerson's 2 year old class at church, while the 3 boys went to see Despicable Me 2 with Poppy and Grammy! Thanks Bill and Donna for taking them, I know they had fun!

We have had quite the mild summer but August is shaping up to be really sticky! Try to stay cool in this humid August weather. Hope y'all had a good's to a new week!
204 - Humid

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