Monday, August 19, 2013

First Day of 1st Grade

I truly feel like this school year has just snuck up on us, it seems like there should be several more weeks of summer to enjoy! Unfortunately, its pretty much over!

Peyton was such a big boy this morning, he didn't have any complaints or qualms as he woke early and headed out the door by 7:10am. I must admit that I was choked up and teary as I watched he and Adam pull out of the driveway.

At least I know why I got so emotional, I was just filled with such pride for him, he is such a responsible and genuinely helpful little boy and I have missed him dearly today as I have been reminded, ALL.DAY.LONG, of how MUCH he helps me with the littles. I was back to having to strap Emerson into his seat and having to help Lawson out of his 5 point harness, which were jobs Peyton had taken upon himself to do this Summer. I don't feel quite as confident to let Lawson and Emerson play on the driveway without me watching like I do sometimes when I know Peyton is out there and watching out for his little brothers. It's definitely going to take some adjusting again for me.

It felt surreal this morning waking up at 5:30am, so that I could have time with the Lord and then get myself dressed so that I could attend the 8:00 PTA meeting and then head over to the 9:30 prayer group. I'm still trying to figure out our new routine and wrapping my brain around all the different things that I'm helping out with this year. It's shaping up to be quite busy, and it's all good things, it's things I wanted to be apart of, but I know its going to take much diligence in order to stay on top of everything. I have honestly been feeling a bit overwhelmed the last week or so with all I will have on my plate, but I know its because things are just getting started and I'll just have to work out the kinks as I get into a new groove.

What a breath of refreshment to spend time simply praying scripture, God's holy word, over my kids and the staff of Roberts. The word of God is chalked full encouragements and promises...what a blessing that sweet time was.

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