Saturday, August 3, 2013

Days at the Lake, Part 2

It wouldn't have been a trip to Shangri La if we hadn't had some of Mrs. Carr's scrump-didily-umtious coconut cream pie, I think I could have eaten the entire pie, my one slice shared with Adam was far too little a piece!
coconut cream pie

After the Head side of the family headed back home, my parents and I stayed to enjoy the lake while Adam went back for a day of meetings at the hospital. Since Adam was going back to the house for one night, I decided to let Em sleep with me which I have NEVER done, and I must say with great enthusiasm, I.WILL.NEVER.DO.THAT.AGAIN! I had idyllic thoughts of how the night would go, but it was none to ideal! I put the kids down at 8:00 like normal and went next door to my parents cabin to visit and watch tv. When I came to bed about 10:30 I had high hopes of a restful nights sleep, oh but no! That child flipped and flopped so crazily that he fell off the bed at 1:30, 3:45 and around 4:30 I woke up to him crying because he'd somehow slid off the side of the bed with his legs dangling down toward the floor, his head was laying on the bed and he couldn't figure out how to get back up. Then Ava Jane started crying too, thankfully she fussed for a second then found her fingers! say it was NOT.RESTFUL is quite the under statement!

So I very much enjoyed having the help of my parents for the day. Rarely do I have help with all four kids for an entire day, that alone was a treat! But being able to lay out by the pool and visit with my Dad while the kids splashed and played never happens and I enjoyed it a bunch! Mom got to take a little snooze on the couch, which she NEVER does, while Ava Jane rested in the cabin next door...there's nothing better then happy kids and a Mama who can some what relax!

The boys enjoyed the pool and kept asking me to take their pictures while jumping off the sides.

They loved going down to the pointe to throw rocks in the water, they could've thrown thousands of rocks and never gotten bored! Lawson particularly liked throwing the big ones, one of his throws landed squarely on Peyton's back while he was bent over picking up his own rock to throw, thankfully he still had his life vest on so he wasn't hurt, it is NEVER a dull moment with these boys! And please take note, apparently, according to Lawson, rocks can't be thrown without goggles on, what a crazy kid he is!

Peyton thought this piece of concrete was such an "interesting looking rock".

And Emerson was enthralled by the flocks of birds that flew over our heads...

He is getting to be such a big boy! I can hardly fathom how he got this big, this quick! He wants so badly to be just like his brothers!

And while the boys were busy doing that, Ava Jane and G-Dad were doing this. What pleasure it is to see my Daddy loving on my baby girl!

There was more of this...and more of that...

It takes talent to be able to pull skiers and hold a sleeping baby, thanks for letting her sleep so well on you Dad!

And you know its been a full day on the lake when both the littles are zonked out. Poor Emerson fell asleep standing up resting his head on the seat cushion that was leaning up against the motor!

I snapped this next picture real quick, of these three precious little boys sitting and splashing in the water. And when uploading and looking back through these pictures it just absolutely melts this Momma's heart! I love these boys! Things may be challenging, and definitely rough at certain times of the day (or night for that matter) but its moments like these, when I'm just filled to overflowing that God has so graciously appointed these precious little lives to me! I am trying my best to savor the moments that are precious and to store them up as treasures in my mind for when the rough patches creep up on me at any given time.

It was definitely a successful few days at the lake, I think everyone had a great time and memories were certainly made!

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