Friday, August 16, 2013

Time with Friends

Today we went to the zoo with several friends and I must say we were quite the entourage as we made a stroller train through the zoo. There were 7 Momma's and 17 kiddos (6 years old and under)! If it sounds crazy, I'll just go ahead and tell you, it was pretty much mass mayhem! Just look at some of the Mama's faces...really, its quite priceless all the funny expressions!

I felt like a crazy person running behind the stroller with Ava Jane to try and keep up with the boys who were literally running from one exhibit to another. I was that Mama who kept yelling, "Peyton Thomas", "Lawson", "Emerson" "stop right there!" Here's a picture of some of the crazy that kind of sums up what we experienced this morning! Why is it that kids always want to climb up the railings?


It was a beautiful, cool August morning so I shouldn't have been hot but literally, running (after mostly Emerson) kept me in a sweat and I have an oh so lovely blister on the bottom of my foot now from running in my flip flops!!

We did have fun though, the kids had a great time seeing all the animals and I must say, there are lots of improvements going on at the Little Rock Zoo, so that was fun to see.

The cheetah exhibit was a big hit! The kids loved watching the slideshow, they were quite mesmerized!

It was a lot of fun doing one last outing with friends before Peyton starts back to school next week. I can hardly believe summer is over and that he is about to start 1st grade. How did that happen? I will certainly miss him!

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