Friday, August 2, 2013

Days at the Lake, Part 1

This week we spent four great days at the lake. We have pretty much done a Head/McLellan day at the lake for the last few years, this is last years post, and this is 2011's post. it was really nice to all be out there together again. The weather was pleasant, it was unseasonably comfortable for the end of July in Arkansas. We enjoyed tubing and skiing, swimming in the coves, visiting on the party barge and eating to our hearts content!

The boys were obsessed with the new chair tube we got. They would have ridden that thing from dawn to dusk if we had let them!

Ava Jane and Theodore did great!

It was Theodore's first lake trip and I'm pretty sure he enjoyed the swaying of the boat, both he and Ava Jane were lulled to sleep quite nicely by the rocking and the sound of the motor!

Just about everybody got a turn on the chair tube...

There was some "cousin time" (accompanied by Uncle Joseph, I am so sorry it was such a jarring ride Jo!)

And even Gigi and Grammy took a little spin...though they may have needed a massage therapist after their not so leisurely ride! Thanks for taking one for the team and for being such great sports!

Lawson enjoys riding in what he affectionately calls "the speed boat".

The lake is just a fun place to relax and lay low and being with family and friends was a treat!

At one point in the day Kenny had collected a good number of the noodles out in the cove, I'm sure it was due to "rescuing" some of the ones my peeps had let float off, thanks Kenny!

And Theodore got a driving lesson with Poppy, it's never to early to start huh?!

Sunday night we grilled out burgers and hotdogs. We had the most handsome chefs don't you think?!

While they were doing the cooking Uncle Joseph kept the kiddos entertained with red wagon rides, what fun those boys had!

And Ava Jane thoroughly enjoyed her hot dog and pasta salad.

Monday was fun! Poppy proved he's still got it on the slolome...

G-Dad rocked the wakeboard...

Adam caught some good air on the board, though I couldn't seem to get my camera to snap at just the right time...You were quite smooth out there Honey, I know you were having a good time!

And Peyton was all smiles again as he came up on the ski board...though once was enough, he DID NOT want to go again, but he sure looked good while he was doing it!

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  1. how fun! Theodore is a doll baby! I need to know about this ski board thing... that looks awesome and like something Brayden would enjoy!


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