Sunday, March 4, 2012

Birthday Camp Out!

Friday, March 2nd was Lawson's birthday, though we had celebrated with friends and family already, we wanted to celebrate his 3 precious little years as a family. So we asked him what he wanted to have for dinner and he very quickly announced "I want to have pizza and ice cream!" So when Adam came home from work we took off to try a new pizza place. I don't have any pictures of that dinner because it was literally all hands on deck...the boys ate almost every cracker they had in the bowl on the counter as we waited for our pizzas, every time Adam got up to get something he had two little "helpers" to assist seemed like Lawson was all over the small pizzaria. Luckily there were only 2 other families in the restaurant at the time, because Emerson, who's normally an easy going little guy, was extremely high maintenance with his newly found loud voice, he was happy, but not content. We couldn't cut up his banana, pizza or shovel the apple sauce in fast enough! Adam and I literally just scarfed our food down and decided we should just head home and make our own ice cream sundaes as opposed to visiting the ice cream shop next door! We were exhausted, and ready to take our little posse home, a friend of mine calls this time in our life "the black out period", and though we like to get out and go places, I have to admit, yes, it's so much easier to eat at home!

Here's some picture of the craziness that took place once we were home. Lawson got a pop-up tent for his birthday and he decided he wanted to "wear" it so he was running around the house wearing his "Thomas tent" and brandishing his "sword" which happens to be an attachment to the vacuum cleaner, what an imagination he has!
Picnik collage

And while we were cleaning up from our tastey dessert here's what Emerson was doing...ahhh, gotta love it, notice the pure delight on his face!
Picnik collage

We make tents out of blankets and furniture a lot so Adam and I had the idea to set up our camping tent in the guest room and let the boys have a "camp out" down there. They thought that was a great idea! They slept well and made a really fun memory!

Best Buds...
Picnik collage

Camping Out...
Picnik collage

Little brother watching the tent being set up and wishing he could get in on the wrestling!
Picnik collage

All in all, it was a good night filled with memories made! Adam and I enjoyed some popcorn and a movie, we finally watched Larry Crowne!

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