Friday, March 9, 2012

Hippity Hoppity...Spring's Coming!

I decided to go ahead and break out my Easter/Spring Time decor...the weather has been BEAUTIFUL and so spring like (though today is quite cold and!) Anyway, thought I'd show you what I've got out so far.

Here's what greet's you at our front door...I got this basket with my Mom last spring at a little shop in Homewood called Four Seasons Antiques, Art and Botanicals...its such a cute shop and has things at a decent price. We got the hydrangeas there as well, we like to pay a little more for more realistic looking flowers but were able to pick up the fern and other greenery from one of my favorite stores, Hobby Lobby! Mom, it looks great, thanks for helping me with it!
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This is the center piece on our kitchen table...I got the stand up bunnies from Hobby Lobby several years back, added a little burlap that I had extra from a project I did in the fall then used Easter grass and painted wooden eggs to finish it off.
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As for the TV console...I got the idea for this arrangement from HERE. It was pretty affordable...I got the little terra cotta pots at Home Depot for less then a $1 each, I got the daffodills for 70 cents a piece, added some mando grass here and there, then covered the top of each with some Spanish Moss. I had some extra speckled eggs that I added to a few of the little pots as well, I have it all sitting on a cupcake stand that I picked up at Target. All in all I thought it turned out pretty cute.
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
Now if I can remember to put the arrangement outside every so often since it is real flowers and is supposed to get sun! We'll see how long this lasts! : )

The other side has my apothocary jars that are filled with speckled eggs and pastel jelly beans, I'm having a hard time telling the kiddos they are just for decoration, and not a constant snacking trough, more then once I've caught Peyton pulling a chair over to the piece of furniture so he can get a little snack, and as I'm typing this I realize that the bathroom step stool is over there now, a little friend must've snuck a few more! : )
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Here's the sweet little bunnies that are sitting on our coffee table...

So there's a little peek into what's getting us into the Spring Spirit! Hope y'all are having a Hippity Hoppity Friday! Peyton's not feeling all that well today so we're having a pajama and movie day...currently we're watching Toy Story 2, its sure to be a great day with this combo!

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  1. Love the daffodils in the cupcake holder! It's all so cute!


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